How to Save Current Location in Newer Garmin Nuvi GPS Models

current location added to saved places nuvi garmin gps
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One of the most handy features of the Garmin Nuvi (and other) GPS systems is the ability to save your current location, so that the next time you have to go there, it’s already saved in your GPS. However, with the more recent versions of Nuvis, it’s not at all obvious how to do it. So, here is how to save your current location on the current versions of Nuvi GPS units.

It all starts with the map, so you need to have your Nuvi on the map display screen.

nuvi map screen

See the little vehicle on the map screen? You probably already know that it is displaying where you are at the moment (i.e., your current location).

nuvi map screen current location icon

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So the question is, how to get your Nuvi GPS to save that location in the ‘Saved’ area.

Here’s how.

Tap on the vehicle icon, and it will pop up all sorts of information:

nuvi current location information-2

As you can see, at the very top, next to the coordinates of your current location, is a button that says “Save”.


nuvi current location information-1

Tap on “Save” and it will bring up the keyboard, so that you can enter the name that you want to call the saved place.

enter name for saved location nuvi

When you are done entering the name for the current location, tap “Done”.

save saved place nuvi gps current location

You’re done!

current location added to saved places nuvi garmin gps

Your current location is now saved, and will show up in your Saved places section of your Nuvi GPS.

garmin nuvi save current location to saved places

saved place in garmin nuvi gps


And that’s all there is to it! Let us know if this was helpful!

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5 thoughts on “How to Save Current Location in Newer Garmin Nuvi GPS Models

  1. Thank you so much for posting this information. The instructions provided here-substantially better than the ones that came with the Garman-Did the job. I do have to agree with the comment above that this substantially newer machine is far less intuitive/easy to use and does feel cheaper than my six year old Garman

  2. It only saves the gps coordinates and not the address. If you go back into your saved locations and select one that you have saved it will not give you the address or nearest intersection. This is very frustrating. I had a cheap gps unit years ago that would do all this. I thought technology was supposed to advance.

  3. Doesn’t work on my new 68LM. Pressed car 25 times. 24 times it made the map scale smaller. One time it brought up the save screen. Called Garmin; 50 minute hold time. Unsatisfactory!

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