How to Remove the SD Card on a G2 Phone

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We just love our new T-Mobile G2 phone, but figuring out how to remove or replace the micro SD card is darn near impossible. The little diagram sticker label on the SD storage card holder makes it look as though you just need to flip the holder up to remove the SD card from the G-2, but it’s not quite that simple. In fact, trying to simply flip up the SD card holder on the G2 doesn’t work, and the more you try to pry it up, the more it seems as if perhaps you might break it – it clearly doesn’t simply pop up. Here is the secret…

First, you need to remove the back of the phone. The way you do this is not as intuitive as it may seem, mostly because for just about all other cell phones, you have to pry the back off. But not with the G2. With the G2, there is actually a nice sliding latch (nice going, HTC!):




Slide the latch open, and lift the back plate off:



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Remove the battery:


g2-remove-battery reveal the SD card:




See that label? Doesn’t it look like that SD card and SD card holder should just flip up?




Here’s the secret…you have to put the slightest bit of pressure on the SD card and holder, and gently slide it forward (towards the end of the phone) just the slightest bit:




…and that will cause the SD card holder to unlatch, and spring up… SPROING!




NOW you can flip the SD card holder all the way up, so that it looks like the picture in the label on the SD card holder:




To close the SD card holder, just reverse the process. Flip the SD card holder back down, and gently press on it so that you can slide it into place (away from the end of the phone):




And that’s all there is to it!

If you are reading this, and have read this far, you probably have a G2 phone. How do you like it?

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22 thoughts on “How to Remove the SD Card on a G2 Phone

  1. Awesome, thanks! Replaced the 8GB sanddisk with a 32GB sandisk and it’s working perfectly. In my case, you had to have put more pressure to move it, it was kind stuck in it’s current position.

  2. Wow! Who would’ve EVER imagined by entering “Removing the SD Card in the G2 Phone” would actually bring you to a site that clearly explains (with GREAT Pictures, mind you…!) how to remove this microscopic card that sits in an incredibly fragile bracket???

    Thank You for taking the time to explain this very difficult task! (Until I read your description, that is…)

    If Only you were the author of the Instruction sheets for everything else… :)

    Thanks again!!


    BTW… I’m now going to read your MyTouch 4G Slide Article…


  3. I was searching and becoming a bit worried that I would not be able to remove it. Then I found your site. Thank God. :)

  4. such a relief! thank you! and the sticker on the back? completely worthless. love the phone (most of the time…)!

  5. You are a star.. My T Mobile G2 Htc died within warranty so TM sent me replacement. It seems so many of the questions and answers here are from tech savvy people…that I am not! Anyway wish TM explained that I shd take old SD card from my GM and insert in my new phone. I was sure I lost all my pictures from old phone and thought new phone had a different fault as kept telling me No SD card available. I was just about the send both phones back when I decided to go online and ask some questions here. Thank you!!!! I am so happy I have my pics as some of them are very sentimental to me.
    You are a total star and 5 stars with that. It was so easy to follow your instructions… xx

  6. Thanks, your instructions were clear, simple and saved me time. I love my G2. Simple and yet sophisticated.

  7. Thank you! The sticker is completely un-helpful. I never would have figured this out without breaking the mechanism.

  8. I could not see the small print directions on the phone very well and the picture was not all that helpful. A quick Google search brought me to your excellent instructions with wonderful pictures! Had the card switched out in no time :-) Thanks!

  9. Thank god for your instruction on removing the sd card on my HTC G2. No one else has shown this information any where!!!

  10. This actually makes perfect sence…I was starting to think there was something wrong with me or the phone when I couldn’t remove it. Thanks!

  11. THANK YOU!!! The photos REALLY helped. I think even just describing it might not have been near as helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to help us all out. Now I am happily using a 32GB instead of the EIGHT GB that came with the phone. I love the G2–in fact, I got a Galaxy Tab and still use the phone more because of the (real) keyboard.

  12. Thank you so so so much! I was going crazy trying to figure this out. You truly saved me the trouble to go to the shop and having the people do it for me. Thank you again

  13. Thanks for this write-up. It turns out the sticker on my microSD bracket was put on backwards, so the arrow pointed the wrong way! I was going crazy trying to figure out why it wasn’t working.

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