How to Remove Political Picture Posts from Your Facebook Timeline (and Yes, it Really Works!)

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Sick of all the politically themed pictures that are cluttering up your Facebook timeline? Wish there were a way to get rid of the politics from your timeline? To simply delete those political pics from your Facebook wall? Well, there is! And we discovered it! Here’s how to automatically remove the political pictures from your Facebook news feed.

Now, this all hinges on a Firefox and Chrome extension add-on (so you do need to use either Firefox or Chrome) called This extension is created to remove unwanted baby pictures from your Facebook timeline, but as it turns out, it can be used to purge the scores of political pictures from your Facebook wall as well.

Now, unBaby Me replaces baby (and now political) pictures with funny pictures of cats. In the preferences area, there is also an option to replace the funny cat images feed with another images feed of your choice. That did not work so well for us – it still used the cat feed, and then the button to replace the feed stopped working altogether, so we didn’t get a chance to try replacing it with a blank feed (so that instead of non-political cat pictures, we would end up with no pictures in their place). But still, funny cat pictures is infinitely better than all the darned political images, don’t you agree?

To start, download unBaby Me (link below):




Then you will be asked to install it (our tutorial here was done in Firefox – Chrome will be similar):

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How to Remove Political Picture Posts from Your Facebook Timeline (and Yes, it Really Works!)






Now comes the fun part. When you first install unBaby Me, it will open a preferences page, where you can add extra keywords to trigger it.

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That’s all there is to it.

So how do you know it’s working?

It tells you, right on your Facebook timeline – in fact, above the cat picture, just so you know that the cat picture is courtesy of, it says, rather ominously, “Baby removed.”




By the way, in case you want to adjust your preferences after first setting them (such as to add more keywords), there is no easy way to get to them again. However, this link goes to the local resource on your hard drive that is associated with the extension, and will open up the preferences again:


You can get the extension at

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How to Remove Political Picture Posts from Your Facebook Timeline (and Yes, it Really Works!)

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