How to Make Money on eBay as an eBay Seller without Having to Sell Things on eBay! (Or How to Put eBay Listings on Your Website) Also: What a Commission Junction PID Number is, and Where to Find Your CJ PID Number!

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Want to become an eBay seller without having to sell things on eBay? Want to know how to start an eBay business, and how to make easy money on eBay, without actually selling on eBay? One of the little-known facts about eBay – one of the best kept eBay secrets – the one that all those lists of eBay selling tips never tell you – is that the best eBay alternative may be eBay itself!

Here’s how to put eBay listings on your own website!

By becoming an eBay affiliate, and listing eBay auctions on your own website – using free eBay tools to do it – you can reap the benefits of eBay selling without actually having any products to sell on eBay! That’s because you feature the auctions of other eBay sellers on your website, and you get a commission for every sale that comes through your site – using eBay to make money with others doing all the work! Making money on eBay has never been easier!

Ok, so, we can hear you asking, how do you do it?

It’s easy! Of course, this assumes that you have a website. If you don’t already have a website, or you aren’t getting much traffic yet, be sure to first read our article on how to make money on the Internet.

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Ok, so you have a website.

In order to list eBay items for sale on your website, you need two things: a regular eBay account, and an eBay affiliate account. Both are free, and easy to sign up for.

Go here to register with eBay for your regular eBay account.


Now, to sign up for your eBay affiliate account, eBay has an affiliate program managing company called Commission Junction (“CJ” for short) manage their affiliate program for them. Go to Commission Junction and sign up as a Commission Junction publisher. (This means that you are publishing things on a website.) By signing up through Commission Junction, you will be able to become an authorized eBay affiliate.

After you sign up here with Commission Junction, and are approved, you will go to into your Commission Junction account, and select “get links” from eBay. This will take you to a page to get set up as an eBay affiliate through Commission Junction. You will need to agree to eBay’s terms, and “apply” to the program, but you will be automatically approved.

Once approved you can actually look at the links under the “get links” option for eBay. They are interesting to look at, but in order to sell items from eBay on your website, you don’t actually need them. What you need is actually over on eBay; it’s called the eBay Editor Kit, and that is what you use to create the eBay window to go on your website. You’ll need your regular eBay login to create your links for your website, so, again, if you didn’t already do it, make sure to register with eBay now.

Ok, now go to this link:

Go to the eBay Editor Kit

Now you can create the cool eBay links that go on your website, listing all kinds of auctions, and anytime someone buys something through one of those links, you get a commission! You can use standard versions that eBay has pre-designed, or you can create your own custom set of links, customizing the color and look to match your website.

Important! During the process of creating the links with the eBay editor kit, you will need to put in your “PID” number. This is your publisher I.D. number, or “partner I.D. number” from Commission Junction. This is not your Commission Junction account number! It is a separate publisher I.D. number that eBay uses to track that the sales came from you, so that you get credited for your commission! To make things even more confusing, eBay calls it your “Tracking I.D.”, but what they really want is your Commission Junction PID.

Here is the section in the eBay Editor Kit that needs your PID. First, under “Provider” you choose “Commission Junction”:

Once having selected “Commission Junction”, you will need to put your PID number in where it says “Tracking ID”. First, if you haven’t already done so, get your PID number from your Commission Junction account. Remember, this is not your account number! To find your PID number, log into your Commission Junction account, select “Account”, and then select “Web site Settings”, and there it will show your PID number:

Now that you have your PID number, plug it into the Editor Kit form under “Tracking ID”:

You can also create a Commission Junction SID – that is a unique tracking code that you create to help you identify which set of eBay links your hits and earnings are coming from. For example, maybe you have two websites, and so you will create a set of eBay links for site #1, and you will give it an SID of “Site #1”, and for your second site you will create a set of links with an SID of “Site #2”. That way when you look at your commissions from eBay sales, you can track which sales and commission came from which site.

Ok, your done! Press “continue” to create the code for your links, add the code to your website, and voila! You’re done!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Money on eBay as an eBay Seller without Having to Sell Things on eBay! (Or How to Put eBay Listings on Your Website) Also: What a Commission Junction PID Number is, and Where to Find Your CJ PID Number!

  1. Hi!

    I have applied for ebay affiliate as cj publisher. i am ebay seller and store owner since 2004. but ebay not appoved me immediately once i applied in get links catagory. how can i get approval from ebay. Please advice me if anyone experienced same problem.

    To Your Success

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