How to Create Custom Notifications, Alarms and Ringtones on the G1 Google Phone – It’s Easy!

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Believe it or not, it’s extremely easy to create custom notifications, alarms, and ringtones on the T-Mobile G1 Google phone! And doing it this way will allow your own custom sound files to show up in the same list as the pre-installed sounds!

First, connect your G1 to your computer using the USB cable, and browse over to your phone, and from there browse to the phones SD card.

Next, create a new folder on your SD card called:


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(Note that these folder names must be all lower case.)

Now, within the ‘media’ folder create another folder called:


Within the ‘audio’ folder create three more folders, called:


Now it is just a matter of putting the sound files that you want to use for custom notifications, alarms, or ringtones in the correct folder! Want a new, custom sound for new mail? Put the sound file in the notifications folder that you just created. The same goes for any custom alarms or ringtones you may want to add to your G1 phone – put them in the ‘alarms’ or ‘ringtones’ folder, respectively.


Got a nifty notification, awesome alarm, or rad ringtone? Tell us about it!

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3 thoughts on “How to Create Custom Notifications, Alarms and Ringtones on the G1 Google Phone – It’s Easy!

  1. hey, i tried this and it doesnt work, i put the tone i want and its still the default one, how do i change it? please email me

  2. I’ve never been able to get my own creations to show up in the same directory as the default ones, it’s always bugged me having to scout around for the other folder, so thanks.

  3. Yes, easy way.
    But darn, I wish the developers would have thought about showing SUBFOLDERS in the lists, too. When you have 200 sounds on your phone, the scrolling doesn’t equal an comfortable task.

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