How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription

how to cancel rocksbox subscription
  • How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription


In case you’re behind on the whole ‘box of the month’ subscription craze, you may not know about Rocksbox. But, if you do know about Rocksbox, and particularly if you are subscribed to Rocksbox, you may now be wondering how to cancel your Rocksbox subscription. Here’s how.

First, let us say that Rocksbox has a really great reputation for their service, and deservedly so. It is easy to sign up online, easy to use, and fun. Basically, once you sign up, you get a box (the ‘box’) with three pieces of jewelry (the ‘rocks’), and you get to use and wear the jewelry to your heart’s content, and then you can return that jewelry and they will send you three more pieces. And if you like any of the pieces enough that you’d like to keep them, you can keep them and buy them at a discounted price.

The monthly price point of $19.95 is great, but still, after many months, you may feel that you want to cancel your Rocksbox subscription, and so naturally you will go looking on the Rocksbox site to see how to do that. You will probably first look in your Rocksbox account, and see no obvious way to cancel. Then you may start looking all over the site, and still not find an obvious way to cancel.

It is explained in the FAQ on the site, but even there it’s easy to miss. Which is too bad, because it’s really easy to do.

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So, here is how to cancel your Rocksbox subscription.

How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription

Send an email to

For simplicity’s sake, make the subject be something like “Please cancel my subscription” (note that the above coded link already has that subject line included for you :-) ).

After you get an automated response telling you that your email is important to them, that a support ticket has been created, and that a member of the Rocksbox team will respond to your request within 24 hours, yada yada yada, you will get a personal email that says something to the effect of:

We’re sorry to see you go! This email confirms that your cancellation is complete. We won’t charge your credit card or send you another Rocksbox Set.


And that’s all there is to it! They actually have made cancelling as easy as signing up, and as easy as using their service (it’s just a bit harder to find).

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How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription

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  • How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription
How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription
Article Name
How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription
If you have subscribed to the Rocksbox jewelry subscription service, you may now be wondering how to cancel your Rocksbox subscription. Here's how.

2 thoughts on “How to Cancel a Rocksbox Subscription

  1. Please cancel my roxbox subscription. I no longer wish to be charged for this service! I plan to send my box back by the end of this week and i do NOT want another box. I wish to cancel this service. Thank you!

    1. Hi Allison, we have no affiliation with Rocksbox and are unable to cancel your subscription for you. However following the steps outlined in our article should help you to cancel your subscription with Rocksbox.

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