4 thoughts on “How To Cancel a Priceline Account and How to Get Live Chat Support on Priceline.com

  1. Over the last 25 years I have had pretty good luck with Priceline, but the horror of trying to change my email and then close my account has turned me off of them forever.

  2. I have a concern in regards to a cancellation. Since i didn’t make the trip, i was wondering who is it that i have to speak to in order to get my money refunded back to Credit card. If please can reply back or send me an email to my email address.

    1. Veronica, we are not affiliated with Priceline and have no way to address this for you. You will have to contact Priceline or your credit card provider.

  3. There other way to do this is to go into your account and change your name and information like I did. For instance, my name now reads:

    Price L Inesux

    Just change everything in your account, including email and payment information, so they will not be able to contact you.

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