How to Add People in Google+

As we mentioned in our overview of Google+, adding people to your social circle there is a little different than doing so on Facebook. And it isn’t always straightforward how to add someone in Google Plus, or how to follow people in Google+. So here are instructions for how to add people in Google +.

To add someone in Google+, first go to your Circles section:



And go to “People in your circles”:




Next, what you don’t want to do is search for them in the search bar at the top! You want to click on that box that says “Add a new person”:





Clicking on that will cause it to pop up a search box which allows for you to look for someone by name or by email address:

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If you have someone’s email address, or if someone is already using Google+, it will find them even if they aren’t in your own list of contacts. But if you are only searching by name, and they aren’t already using Google+, then Google limits its search to your contact list.

Once Google has found the person you are looking for, and you have selected them, Google+ places their thumbnail and name on your page for you to add them to your Circles. If they are already on Google+, Google puts them along the top row, otherwise they place them along the bottom rows.




And that’s how to add people in Google+. Once you’ve added them, drag them to one of your circles, and start following and interacting with them!

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