How the Internet can Help the Injured, Burned, and Orphaned Wildlife in Australia

How the Internet can Help the Injured, Burned, and Orphaned Wildlife in Australia
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We’ve all heard about and seen the devastation in Australia resulting from the wildfire bushfires. Estimates are that more than 1 billion animals have lost their lives. Veterinarians for Compassion (a/k/a Vets for Compassion) now has vets on the ground, ministering to the injured, burned, and orphaned wildlife as a result of the wildfires.

As people around the world watched in horror at the blazing inferno swallowing nearly entire species of animals in Australia, many have been moved to help, but just don’t know how from half a world away. Some people have knit, crocheted, and sewn joey pouches to hold orphaned infant kangaroos, koala mittens to cover the injured and burnt paws of koalas, and even bat wraps for orphaned baby bats. Others have crocheted bird nests for orphaned and injured birds.

wildfires bushfires australia bat wraps
Credit: ABC News Australia

But there are a lot of people who want to help, and who aren’t crafty, or don’t have time to make something, and who don’t know how. And that’s where the Internet comes in. Sometimes the Internet can actually use its powers for good. Here is how.

How to Help the Injured and Orphaned Wildlife in Australia

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koala australian wildfires
Credit: Zoos Victoria
koala wildfires
Credit: Zoos Victoria
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