Hotmail Servers Down – Again

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Can’t get into your Hotmail account? Not getting that expected email from a Hotmail user? That’s because the Hotmail servers are down, again.


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[Ed. note: If you must have free email, we strongly recommend switching from Hotmail to another free email service provider such as Yahoo, AOL, or Gmail. We personally recommend either Yahoo or AOL, as they are not only reliable, but they are the top two in ensuring that email you want gets through to you, while still being very good about trying to keep spam out of your inbox. By contrast, many businesses simply refuse to send email to people with Hotmail accounts, because they are notoriusly difficult to deal with, even when their servers are up.]

It doesn’t necessarily happen that often that the Hotmail servers go down (although it does seem to be happening more and more), but when they do, it’s a big deal for millions of Hotmail users around the world. Read through the comments from the big Hotmail outage of 2005 and you’ll see what we mean.

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When Hotmail goes down, the Internet Patrol is among the first to know, as our readers come flocking to us looking for information. In fact, that’s how we first found out today that the Hotmail servers were down again – thousands of frustrated Hotmail users coming to our site, looking for relief.

While we can’t offer relief in the form of getting them into their Hotmail account any sooner, we can offer confirmation (yes, Hotmail is down again, at least for some section of the Hotmail using population), and we can offer alternatives, such as consider a Gmail account, or a Yahoo account.

Of course, no computer email system is unbreakable, and moving to a Gmail or Yahoo account doesn’t insure that you will never experience a problem there. But it does seem, at least to date, to happen with less frequency.

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94 thoughts on “Hotmail Servers Down – Again

  1. yes Hotmail has been droping off like a small drop of water hitting a large bit of water but you have to understand mircosoft is working on the problem but how long who knows i am one millions uses that had to create my e-mail from provider it seems to been working fine but i had to use my gaming server to run it and i am not happy about it so mircosoft hotmail hurry up fix the problem so you get back 100000000000000 customers to like you

  2. My hotmail is down and I get this message: Server is too busy or error connection or application error

  3. My regular hotmail account isn’t free. Although it’s only $20 per annum they charge me, I think it’s a lot to pay considering the service. I hate the new way where you’re forced to read news before you get to your mail. Today, it kept doing a double take like their record stick or something.

  4. It’s now 02.32 hrs in the UK and I have not been able to get into Windows Live Messanger for approx 5 hours. Does anyone know what’s going on??

  5. What an inconvenience. I have about a billion things going on that I need email for. I’m switching to yahoo if I can’t log in by the end of the day because this is ridiculous.

  6. When my outlook express stopped working two days ago, and I had to install it as pop3, I figured something was gonna blow at hotmail. I’m just one person. Every day I take 20 or so emails off the hotmail servers by transferring them to my own computer. I can’t do that with this pop3 crap. It won’t bring in all my folders, etc. And emails that I left on the hotmail site, I now cannot get to come up in my outlook express, thereby continuing to use hotmail’s server as a storage site. I figured if gazillions of people now no longer can effectively clean out their mail from hotmail’s server, sooner or later, it’s gonna get overloaded. Just happened sooner than I expected.

    I haven’t been able to access the hotmail site for two days now (June 8 & 9, 2009) and am only getting a few mails to trickle through into my outlook express.

    Oh, and I am NOT going to pay microsoft another dang penny! I used to (happily) pay a small fee each year to use hotmail because I liked its ease and its look. When they changed it to “live hotmail” (read DEAD, not-so-hot-mail), I just stopped paying, and went to the free version.

    I hate having to switch, because I’ve had my hotmail address tied to my little business for over 4 years, and it’s printed in hundreds of thousands of issues of our newsletter.

    But hotmail and msn have become so indifferent to consumers that they simply do what they want to do and if you don’t like it, oh well, go suck eggs …


  7. I heard the current outage is part of another Microsoft plan to grab up some more money; and that they fully intend to postpone bringing it back until substantial numbers express willingness to pay a fee for using space on their servers.

  8. Hotmail down again. Can access home page but getting blank screens when i click on mail.

  9. I am freaking out!! I can sign into my messenger but when I try to check my email it says I haven’t got an inbox yet!!! Ive been signed up with hotmail for a year now and am waiting for some really important emails. Is this due to hotmail downage? Im sure I didnt do anything to erase my account. Can anyone help?

  10. Hotmail is down again!! Has been for a while now, not sure when it first went down and I need to get to my mail. :(

  11. I sign into my email everyday and on Saturday I noticed that my Hotmail changed to Live Hotmail automatically. At first it didn’t bother me until now when I can’t get into it at all! I’ll be counting the days since it’s past hours.

  12. Windoze Live email down for last 3 days. Able to receive mail but not able to send. Error 10060 Error number 0x800ccc0e

  13. Note that it IS possible to access your hotmail account. Go to, click the hotmail module at the bottom of the screen, log in, and you’ll see your inbox. Click any message and it will take you to hotmail like usual. I may be the only one to have worked out this workaround…Do I get a medal or a monument? :P

  14. Hotmail down for almost 36 hours in the UK now (for me at least). How hard is it to fix a faulty server and have a website running?

  15. Hotmail was up for a second… then down again… was able to fire out a few e-mails Pacific Standard Time mid morning… but down again now last check at noon.

  16. So if someone sends an email to me while its down, will I still get it when hotmail comes back? because Im expecting an important email.

  17. If they wouldn’t of resticted access to Hotmail from Outlook Express everyone wouldn’t be moaning now. Down with Microsoft!

  18. Is it down again?! I can’t access it now and neither can my friends. MSN Messenger works though >_

  19. fuck msn is driving me crazy how many times is it going to crush pfffffff dam hotmail aswell cant see my email msn should really get their asses to fix this problem

  20. Also want to be clear that I am not affiliated with the links this page automatically puts in certain words.

  21. Ok yeah, Ebenezer is not my real name… but my hotmail is really down this morning. Why are cables all over the world being snapped? Earth changes exposing the wires to be snagged?

  22. Down in New Jersey too! just when I set up my other email accts. to forward to hotmail so it pushes to my cell phone.

  23. and as for the “you get what you pay for with free e-mail” comment – stop being an idiot there are loads of free e-mail servers that are just fine! you get the same service that you’d get if you paid!! so you might as well not bother

  24. wish they made one of those nice newspaper banners for this, copy should read “Our servers are down, imagine your IT guys if we cant keep them up and running…”

  25. Yet again, no access to Hotmail. Doesn’t seem that Microsoft cares much either, as they refuse to respond to support inquiries.

  26. I was on windows live messenger this morning, all was fine, then suddenly i was disconnected from the service, also, I can no longer access hotmail. This is the same on both my laptop and desktop. Been down for over 5 hours now.

  27. My account has been down for almost a full month now. Hotmail has been giving me the run around. Is anyone else experiencing this? Gmail here I come…

  28. hotmail just went down for me. and i’ve got a job application to respond to. if i lose this job opportunity, hotmail will pay.

  29. Hotmail has been down in New York Since friday night. I haven’t heard anything about it except here

  30. My hotmail account has been down for like 3 days. It won’t even let me go to the website >_

  31. It seems to be down AGAIN … most of the day today. At least in MY neck of the woods (Central California). Any idea when they’ll be back up?

  32. Hotmail server could not be accessed from Nepal. Our network is linked via west course of US.

  33. My hotmail account has been down for around two months, yet I can still use the address fine for messenger. I can get to the ‘preview’ hotmail section on my MSN homepage but I can’t actually click on any mail. It’s like a tease.

    I use Yahoo! mail and earthlink for most things anyway, but still use my MSN username and password for IM.

  34. It is 9:45 am here in Oregon and the Hotmail servers are down since just after 8:00 am.

  35. 1:00 p.m. EDT in the US. Hotmail has been dead all morning. This seems to be a major failure.

  36. has server been down for a few days? Friend in Tucson not received email from me..doesn’t come back to me????

  37. I have switched over to Gmail, and I recommend everyone to do that as well. It’s actually a lot better than Hotmail, now I just wish I did it sooner. Hotmail is horrible period, as soon as I moved all my accounts, goodbye Hotmail forever!

  38. Could this be because “nothotmail” is trying to incorporate too many unneeded and /or unwanted services down users throats? Think Windows Live Hotmail.

  39. I keep on getting the same msg from hotmail…some sort of ‘internal error’? Is that from the server being down? I need access to my account!!! Any tips?

  40. I’m getting so angry with hotmail,mine went out 2 mounths ago and it still wont come back on,i created another account and now i have to copy all of my contacts over to it. I’m just dissapointed its not fixed since it has been 2 mounths for me.

  41. Hotmail is down again today – Messages seem to go out, but none or coming in or getting to those with hotmail. I’ve sent messages to non-hotmail accounts and received them fine – any replies or CC’s are not getting back.

  42. Hotmail is down for the second time this week. Hotmail is progressively getting worse as these problems are becomming much more frequent.

  43. i cant get in my emails from hot mail eather i thought it was just me until i spoke to my mate ans i have a few emails to read and cant get them so what is hotmail doing about it?!!

  44. i see the previous commenter seemed to be a little repetitive. As per hotmail servers being down, I have learned to exercise patience and try again later.

  45. Google POP access was down for almost 12 hours on Tuesday why was that not note worthy?

  46. Google POP access was down for almost 12 hours on Tuesday why was that not note worthy?

  47. Google POP accrss was down for almost 12 hours on Tuesday why was that not note worthy?

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