Hate Yoast? Us Too – So Here is the Alternative that We are Using

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Yoast is the 500 pound gorilla in the world of WordPress SEO plugins. It’s easy to see why: for a long time Yoast was pretty excellent. With over 5million active WordPress installs, and with a 5 star rating, when your WordPress friend says “use Yoast”, why wouldn’t you? And yet, we have come to hate Yoast, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the heavy-handed way it inserts itself into your posting life and, much more importantly, the way that every update overwrites your settings, as if they know better. (Maybe they do – but that’s not really the point.)

By contrast, our new WordPress SEO plugin of choice, SEOPress, has a mere 50,000+ installations, although also 5 stars.


It also has our love.

So why did we choose to switch to SEOPress? Well, of course, the first reason was because – let us say it again – we hate Yoast. So, in search of a Yoast replacement, we started reading the reviews of all of the various other highly rated WordPress SEO plugins, including SEO Pressor, SEO Framework, and SEOPress.

While our method of selection wasn’t particularly scientific, it worked for us. SEOPressor, which is only available through their website (it doesn’t even show up in an ‘add new plugins’ search through your WordPress install) costs $9 a month out of the gate. If you don’t even offer a way to try the plugin through the ease of ‘new plugin’ installation through one’s own WordPress install, let alone have a way to trial the plugin, you’re not for us.

That left us basically comparing SEOPress and SEO Framework, both of which have 5 star ratings – SEO Framework from 192 reviews, and SEOPress from 333. Of the reviews for SEOPress that mentioned Yoast, all mentioned SEOPress favorably over Yoast (“Better than Yoast and any other SEO plugins”, “Best YOAST Alternative. Much better and cheaper”, “Easier than Yoast”, “THE alternative to Yoast”, and on and on), while the reviews for SEO Framework that mentioned Yoast, while yes, many favorable, also mentioned things like “Almost on par with Yoast”, and “I would pay for this plugin if the author will work on its schema to compete with Yoast new schema feature.”

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Hate Yoast?  Us Too – So Here is the Alternative that We are Using

Reviews of SEOPress that we found on independent sites were equally laudatory in terms of both SEOPress itself, and how it compares to Yoast, such as this review by WordPress and SEO expert Adam Preiser, in which he says:

SEOPress is a newcomer, but don’t let that scare you. In my testing, it is the best Yoast alternative on the market.

Unlike Yoast, SEOPress will not slow your website down. SEOPress does not nickel and dime you to death like Yoast does, everything is included in the Pro version and you can install it on unlimited websites.

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So we installed and activated SEOPress (and deactivated Yoast – that felt good), and immediately we were struck by two things.

First, the interface is clean, straight-forward, easy to use, and intuitive (pretty much everything that Yoast no longer is).


hate yoast seopress

Holy mackeral! We had no idea that we had somehow fallen out of Google’s search console! Thanks for letting us know, SEOPress!

Now, we’re not going to to into all of SEOPress’ features, this isn’t a review of SEOPress. And so far it’s too early to tell how much we will love it in the long run.

But what this is is a message of hope for anyone else out there who hates Yoast. There are alternatives. Here are three of them:


SEO Framework


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Hate Yoast?  Us Too – So Here is the Alternative that We are Using

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