Happy Hour Virus “Breaks” Your Computer, Frees You to Leave Work

The Happy Hour Virus isn’t really a virus at all. It’s a pretend, fake “virus” that you can use to make your colleagues, boss or spouse think that your computer is broken, so that you can’t do any more work and may as well leave. And the Happy Hour Virus works with all computers, because it’s essentially just a web page that you load.

happy hour virus mac
Happy Hour Virus – Mac Version

The brain child of marketing agency TDA Boulder, which in turn is the brainchild of Thomas Dooley, the Happy Hour Virus is, TDA Boulder says, in keeping with their philosophy that “we are all better employees if we achieve something called a work-life balance.”

happy hour virus windows
Happy Hour Virus – Windows Version

The way it works is that you go to the Happy Hour Virus website, and then select one of the three versioins – Mac, Windows, or “Broken Monitor”. Once you make your selection, the page will load on your screen, in full screen mode.

happy hour virus broken monitor
Happy Hour Virus – Broken Monitor Version

To exit the Happy Hour Virus, and return to your normal work, you just hit your ‘escape’ (ESC) key.

You can check it out for yourself at the Happy Hour Virus website.

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