T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Review: A Side-by-Side Comparison of the II and the 3 and Review of the T Mobile Sidekick 3

A Sidekick 3 by any other name (Danger Sidekick, Sidekick Phone, T-Mobile Sidekick – just not Sidekick III, please!) is the hottest new device to hit the streets. Complete with its own Sidekick 3 backgrounds (wallpaper) and its own Sidekick 3 bluetooth, here is a side by side comparison and review of the T Mobile Sidekick 3 (not the “T-Mobile Sidekick III” because they did away with the Roman numerals).

Blackberry Customers Lose Service Despite RIM and NTP Settlement

After the massive patent infringement lawsuit by NTP against Blackberry’s RIM, after months with millions of Blackberry users worried that they would forever lose their beloved Blackberry service, and pondering life without their Blackberries, and whether there was a Blackberry alternative, and after the 11th hour settlement between Blackberry and NTP to ensure that Blackberry users wouldn’t lose their service, guess what?