Handful of Zombie Networks Responsible for All Phishing Attacks

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Messaging security company CipherTrust has released the results of a study which they say indicates that fewer than five zombie networks are responsible for all phishing attacks worldwide.

The report also indicates that the vast majority of phishing comes from the United States, with Korea a clear second, and with China, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Japan and Italy running distant thirds.

According to CipherTrust’s CTO, Paul Judge, “Phishing attacks represent a collaboration of the world's most skilled hackers and organized crime; instead of breaking into the bank to take money, phishers are tricking users into handing over their account information, or rather the electronic keys to the vault.”

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One thought on “Handful of Zombie Networks Responsible for All Phishing Attacks

  1. My network has been hit by a “phishing” attack every week for the past month. This criminal claims to be from CitiBank, and asks for account details. With a little sleuthing I traced the website to China. The interesting thing is that when I’ve reported this attack with all the details including the Internet Header and a copy of all the relevent URL’s to the FTC, FBI, Citi Bank , I’ve received no reply, not even an acknowledgement. You would think somebody would care???

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