Hacker Compromises 32,000 User Accounts

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A hacker has compromised the personal information and identification of as many as 32,000 users whose details were stored on computers at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia.

The computer system which was compromised was that holding all of the information associated with university identification cards, including names, photos, and social security numbers (even though the university no longer puts social security numbers on their school i.d. cards, apparently they still store them with the i.d. card information on their computer system). With a student population of more than 29,000, and faculty and staff numbering more than 3,000, that’s a whole lot of compromising going on.

According to a memo sent out by Joy Hughes, George Mason University’s Vice President for Information Technology, with the subject “Illegal Intrusion into University Database”, the hacker “installed tools on the ID server that allowed other campus servers to be probed.”

According to Hughes’ memo, “the univeresity is subject to dozens of probes and attacks each day.”

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One thought on “Hacker Compromises 32,000 User Accounts

  1. Wake up and realize that your dreams are a possibility: There are aginable (un or unim, take your pick or don’t define) numbers of people who have been living for free. An aginable amount of them will never be caught. The more complex the system, the more places for a rat to hide. All information is “unprotected”. What induction, deduction and seduction? Security is foolishness. When the bread has risen, the maggots will play.

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