Turn any Dog or Cat Collar into a GPS Tracking Collar with this GPS Pet Tracker

If you have a dog or cat who escapes the house no matter what you do, or maybe you let your dog or cat roam, and have wished that you had a way to track them and to know exactly where they are, then the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracking device is for you! And instead of being a cat or dog tracking collar, the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker attaches to your own dog or cat collar!

“Girls Around Me” Girl Finding App May No Longer Be in the App Store but It’s Still Out There

Hailed as a rapist and stalker’s haven, “Girls Around Me” is not only a creepy app in its concept, it enables iPhone and android users to track nearby women based on their geographic location. The information is aggregated from check-ins through Facebook and Four Square, and perhaps what makes it the creepiest app, and why it is being called the “stalking app,” is because if a user of the app likes what he initially sees about the girl, he can see more information about her as pulled from her Four Square account and Facebook link, including more photos of her.

Texas Teen Fights School Over Electronic Tracking via RFID Chip in High School ID

15-year-old Texas teen Andrea Hernandez has launched a fight against the Northside Independent School District to avoid wearing the electronic tracking RFID chips embedded in her high school ID. Hernandez, from a deeply evangelical religion, believes that the ID is “the mark of the beast,” as talked about in the Book of Revelation. But even without the religious aspect, this is an important issue, and the religious nature of her objection helps to provide a more solid basis over which to object to the microchipped school I.D.

Capture and Document Your Whole Life Online: New Life-Capturing Camera, Memoto, Lets You Record Your Life for Posterity

If you ever wanted to match the face to a name you just learned, or if you find yourself kicking yourself over missing a fabulous photo opportunity, then the tiny little Memoto clip-on camera may be just the device for you. Still in its concept phase, the device is promising to hold pubic interest, having already raised $245,000 on Kickstarter, far surpassing their goal of $50,000.

Google Rolls Out Backpack Cam for New Google Street View Trekker

Google is going beyond Google Street View and rolling out the backpack cam operated Google Street View Trekker, a wilderness cam that offers a wilderness view of all the corners of the world that Google Street View has previously left untouched, namely woods views and forest views. The backpack cams can be carried by hikers and campers who are on foot and already headed to spots where cars and planes cannot easily go and Google is starting with the Grand Canyon.

List of States Where Driverless Cars are Legal

With the news that California has become the second state, after Nevada, to permit self-driven cars (also known as ‘self-driving cars’, ‘robotic cars’ or ‘robot cars’), many are waiting in anticipation for other states to follow suit. With Google co-founder Sergey Brin estimating that driverless cars are going to be a reality for the public within five years, many car and tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the day that they can get their hands on one and start driving it, or rather, being driven by it.

About Microsoft’s “Avoid Ghetto” GPS Service

Oh, how the Internet, and society in general, do love a scandal. Especially if it involves one of the big Internet or tech companies, like Google (witness this week’s scandal over Google’s “new” privacy policy) or Microsoft. This week everybody is mad at Microsoft for being, allegedly, racist, by updating their GPS software offerings to include a purported “avoid ghettos” feature. Some are even calling it “the avoid ghetto app”.

Ford Sync Internet On-Board Comes of Age: Internet In the Dash In Dozens of Ford Vehicles

As those who’ve joined the Sync My Ride generation already know, Ford SYNC may be the ultimate in convergence technology, marrying Internet, voice recognition and voice commands, and, of course, your cell phone, as an integral part of your car. With MyFord Touch – an LCD dashboard screen – coming this year, and with Ford SYNC available in dozens of models of Fords, working with most modern cell phones – the Ford SYNC system is now all grown up. (Want to know the best phone for Fords SYNC system? See below!) When Ford SYNC first launched, the system ‘recognized’ about 100 voice commands; this week Ford announced that SYNC in Fords now recognizes more than 10,000 commands – and that’s just ‘first level’ commands, meaning those commands can be combined with other words and phrases.