Do NOT Open Link in Unexpected Email with Google Docs Link Button!

There is an evil new phishing spam going around that is using Google Docs to do its dirty work. The subject is along the lines of “(Someone) has shared a document on Google Docs with you” – in many of the samples it is ‘Brett Schager has shared a document on Google Docs with you.” Many of the samples are also sent “to” (you receive it because you are in the bcc: field).

How to (Essentially) Disable Google AMP in Google Search

If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you want to know how to disable Google AMP and turn AMP off for your Google searches. And you probably want to get rid of AMP because it’s annoying as hell, especially if you like to share links, and want to share the actual source link, not Google’s AMP link. The thing is, you can’t technically disable Google AMP, but you can get around it. So, here’s how to get rid of Google AMP.

Google Ordered to Disclose Everybody who Searched for a Particular Person in Edina, Minnesota

In an almost unprecedented move, a small town judge in Edina, Minnesota (population < 50,000) has authorized a warrant requiring Google to disclose any and all user or subscriber information for anybody who searched for the search term 'Douglas {last name}'. While Judge Gary Larson is not the Gary Larson of The Far Side fame, it does seem that this could be a situation straight out of that comic's universe.

How to Unsubscribe from Google Birthdays Calendar

In the frenzy of the holidays, you may have missed Google’s little gift to you: they have subscribed you to the Google Birthdays calendar – whether you want it or not. Now you will be notified of every single birthday that every single person in your G+ circles has – whether you want it or not. Oh, and they have made it nearly impossible to figure out how to delete or unsubscribe from the Birthday calendar. So, here is how to unsubscribe from the Google Birthdays Calendar.

How to Remove the SD Card on a G2 Phone

We just love our new T-Mobile G2 phone, but figuring out how to remove or replace the micro SD card is darn near impossible. The little diagram sticker label on the SD card holder makes it look as though you just need to flip the holder up to remove the SD card from the G-2, but it’s not quite that simple. In fact, trying to simply flip up the SD storage card holder on the G2 doesn’t work, and the more you try to pry it up, the more it seems as if perhaps you might break it – it clearly doesn’t simply pop up. Here is the secret…

How to Create a Gmail Filter with an “OR” or an “AND” Argument

If you use Gmail either as your primary email provider, or as a pass-thru account (for example, as an offsite spam filter through which you first run your email before forwarding it to your primary email account), then you have undoubtedly set up some filters and labels on Gmail. And, you may have been frustrated at trying to set up a filter to deal with certain communications, only to find that it seems you have to create a separate filter for every single instance.

How to Change Your Google or Gmail Password

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, it used to be a fairly simple matter to change your Gmail password. Now that Google has become a megalopolis, with your account at its center, it’s not as straightforward to figure out how to change your Google password. So, here’s a simple tutorial, with pictures, on how to change your Google password, which is also your Gmail password.

How to Add People in Google+

As we mentioned in our overview of Google+, adding people to your social circle there is a little different than doing so on Facebook. And it isn’t always straightforward how to add someone in Google Plus, or how to follow people in Google+. So here are instructions for how to add people in Google +.

Google Offers “Download Your Entire Search History” – and How to Turn it Off and Delete It

Google has announced the ability to download an archive of your entire Google search history. This, of course, means that unless you at some point turned it off, Google has been archiving every single search that you have ever done in Google. Here’s how to not only download your Google search history archive, but how to delete it, and how to turn Google search history archiving off.

Using Public Wifi and Your Mail App Can’t Connect to Gmail? This May be Why

If you find yourself using public wifi, such as in a coffee shop or such, and suddenly you find that your email program can’t access and download or send email from Gmail, and if you are using a proxy, VPN, or other “wifi connection securing” program, that may be the problem. (From hereon out we will simply say “VPN services” as that is usually what someone would be using.)

Google Buzz: What it Is, How to Use it, and Whether to Bother

Google Buzz hit the world this week, but just what the heck is Google Buzz, how do you use Google Buzz, and why should you care? Google Buzz is yet one more social networking service plus social network aggregator. Imagine Facebook if Facebook also republished all of your public Google stuff – your Google Chat stream, your Picasa Links, etc.. Now imagine that you can also add your Twitter feed to that stream, and even add the RSS feeds for some websites that are under your control. That’s Google Buzz.

How to Delete Internet History and Search History from Internet Explorer, Safari, IE7, Firefox and Google Toolbar

For any number of reasons, you may want to know how to delete Internet history from your computer. Whatever the reason, here is how to delete the Internet history from your computer if you are using Internet Explorer, Safari, IE7, or Firefox, and also how to clear your search history from Google Toolbar and even Google itself.

How to Get Rid of Gmail’s Pesky “On Behalf of” When Sending from Gmail

Anyone who uses Gmail with a “From” address that is different than their actual Gmail address is familiar with Gmail’s inserting an “On behalf of” in the sending information. For example, if your Gmail address is “”, but you have Gmail using your work address of “” as your “From” address instead, when you send email through Gmail, instead of your recipients seeing “From:”, your recipients may see “From: on behalf of”