Google X – Google with OS X Appletude – Killed and Resurrected

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If you blinked you might have missed it. Google’s labs had put up “Google X”, a Google search home page which emulated Apple’s Mac OS X look and feel, particularly with respect to the dock function. When you used the Google X interface, above the search box were cute little dock icons, and when you moused over them, just like with the OS X dock icons, they were magnified. Very cute, very Apple. Which is probably why the Google X page was taken down yesterday, a scant week after it went up, and only a few days after most became aware of it.

But lament not, even if you never got a chance to see the original Google X. Because it has been resurrected by at least one interpid Google X enthusiast.

So now, thanks to the miracle of Google’s own caching (oh, the irony!), you can check out Google X.

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4 thoughts on “Google X – Google with OS X Appletude – Killed and Resurrected

  1. The mystery continues ? Why did they pull it and why are they silent ?

    The Indian Blogger

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