Google Goggles App – Now with Sudoku Solver – and Still Free!

The Google Goggles application, available for both Android and iPhone, now solves Sudoku puzzles! All you have to do is snap a picture of the Sudoku puzzle with your phone, and Google Goggles will solve it! (Although we are forced to ask, where’s the fun in that?)

Google Goggles is the application that allows you to take a picture of a landmark, a piece of art, a logo, or even books or text, and the application, leveraging the massive Google server farms, will identify it for you.

(Some people confuse Google Goggles for another service provided by Google, Google Mail Goggles, which, when enabled, requires you to solve a simple math puzzle before allowing you to hit “send” on email, to help avoid “drunk emailing”. Though confusingly similar in name, these are two different services.)

In any event, the Google Goggles Sudoku-solving function works astonishingly well, and quickly! In our tests, from start to finish, Google Goggles returned the completed puzzle in mere seconds.

Here’s how it works:

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1. Load the Google Goggles app, and from within the app snap a picture of the Sudoku puzzle you want solved:





2. Google Goggles analyzes the image and recognizes it as a Sudoku puzzle:




3. Google Goggles offers you the opportunity to have it solve the Sudoku puzzle:




4. Press the “Solve” button, and within seconds, the Sudoku puzzle has been solved and filled in for you:



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