spot detect fake online reviews with fakespot
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New Fakespot Service Helps You Spot Fake Reviews Online

How to detect fake reviews is a real problem in the digital age, and we’ve written before about how to tell fake reviews from real ones, and generally how to spot fake reviews. Now there is a new tool in the fake review spotting arsenal!

Neil Young Makes New album available streaming
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Neil Young Makes New Album Available for Free Streaming and Entire Archives Online!

Neil Young’s newest album, Tuscaloosa, will officially drop tomorrow, however Neil has made it available to stream – in full – for free – at the Neil Young Archives today!

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Online Audio of Southwest Pilot Tammie Jo Shults’ Communication with Air Traffic Control Tower

As the world mourns for Jennifer Riordan, the Southwest passenger who was partially ejected through the blown-out window of Southwest flight 1380 yesterday (April 17, 2018), the world is also lauding Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults for her cool, level-headed handling of the situation, saving the lives of the rest of the 149 passengers and crew on board the crippled airplane. You can listen to sound clips of that audio here.

the internet patrol voted top computer security blog by credit donkey feature image
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The Internet Patrol Voted Top Security Blog by Credit Donkey

We here at the Internet Patrol are thrilled to have been voted a “top security blog” by Credit Donkey, which, while focusing primarily on making personal finance “donkey-proof” (by which they mean fun and easy to understand), also covers the online security sector.

cell savers
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Cell Phone Screen Cracked or Charging Port not Working? Tablet Speakers on the Fritz? Cell Savers to the Rescue!

If you are wondering where you can get your cracked or broken screen replaced, or water damage fixed, on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Google smart phone, or other mobile device, what if we told you that you can have it fixed right in your own home or office? That’s exactly what Cell Savers does: they come right to you and repair your broken mobile phone or tablet, all at a very reasonable price!

internet patrol tip award
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The Internet Patrol Receives 2017 Best of Sunnyvale Award

Woot! The Internet Patrol has been selected for the 2017 Best of Sunnyvale Award in the Software & Internet category by the Sunnyvale Award Program.

pawternity peternity leave
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Tech Companies Now Offering ‘Pawternity’ or ‘Peternity’ Leave

Here’s one sure to make pet lovers everywhere go ‘awwww’: some tech (and other) companies are now providing pawternity leave for employees who have just adopted a new puppy, kitty, or other pet! Also known as peternity leave, the concept is really catching on, and why not?

rookie ask a grownup grown up
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Online Magazine ‘Rookie’ Gets Famous People to Answer Teenagers’ Questions about Life!

Now, here’s a great use of the Internet: allowing teenagers to ask their burning questions of famous people, and get real answers! Through online magazine Rookie’s ‘Ask a Grownup’ section, teens have had their emailed questions directly answered by such celebrities and notables as Terry Crews, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert, Tig Notaro, Bill Hader, and the Lucas brothers, to name just a few.

The Internet Patrol default featured image
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How to Remove Political Picture Posts from Your Facebook Timeline (and Yes, it Really Works!)

Sick of all the politically themed pictures that are cluttering up your Facebook timeline? Wish there were a way to get rid of the politics from your timeline? To simply delete those political pics from your Facebook wall? Well, there is! And we discovered it! Here’s how to automatically remove the political pictures from your Facebook newsfeed. And we also tell you how to find and update your preferences! sober recovery roommate matching service
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New Free Website Helps People in Recovery find Sober Roommates

A new free website and sober roommate matching service is helping people who are sober or in recovery find sober roommates and sober housing situations. Finding a sober roommate is really important for those trying to maintain sobriety or otherwise in recovery, both to ensure that they are in a sober living situation, and because keeping oneself out of the partying atmosphere is key to sobriety, especially in the early stages of recovery.

security search new zealand badge award
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Internet Patrol Named Top 50 Safety & Security Blog

The Internet Patrol is very happy to announce that we have been judged one of the top 50 safety, security and survival blogs in the world! The award, awarded by security outfit Security Search, out of New Zealand (go All Blacks!) went to fifty sites dealing with various aspects of security, including online security, family safety, senior safety, self defense, and survival.

bruce springsteen e street band free concert download
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Bruce Springsteen Offers Free Download of Live Chicago Concert Because of East Coast Blizzard

Not only is Bruce Springsteen the Boss, but he’s a class act, as well. Scheduled to play Madison Square Garden yesterday, the concert had to be postponed owing to the blizzard of ’16. And so, he and the E Street Band have made available for free download, in its entirety, last week’s Chicago concert, including the debut of their cover of the Eagles’ ‘Take it Easy’, as a tribute to Glenn Frey (entire playlist below). Now that’s class!

freerice world food program
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Play a Game, Learn Something, and Help End World Hunger at the Same Time, All Without Leaving Your Computer!

Nearly eight years ago (to the day!) we told you about the online game that tests your vocabulary skills, and donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme (also known as the World Food Program, and WFP) for every correct response that you give. is legitimate, and the real deal, and we’re delighted to see that they are still going strong!

The Chad
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‘Giving Tuesday’: Internet Community Helping Orphaned Kitten with Lifesaving Surgery

As you may be aware, today has been designated “Giving Tuesday” (hashtag #GivingTuesday). We are doing our part by asking our readers to please give just $1 to help this orphaned kitten get lifesaving surgery. Oh, this isn’t just any kitten, this is the kitten now known as – not just ‘Chad’ – but *the* Chad. And, even if you can’t stand kitten videos, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to ignore the below short video of the Chad begging to be held in the shower, just so that he can still be in the arms of the angel that is fostering him.

iphone telemarketer missed call
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FCC Publishing Weekly List of Telemarketer and Robocall Numbers

From the “we knew it was a good idea” department, based on the responses to our own article List of Phone Numbers that Telemarketers Use to Call You, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced this week that it will start publishing a list of telephone numbers which robocallers, robodialers, and telemarketers are using to make their telemarketing calls and robocalls.