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Here is a cause you can really back, and it just doesn’t matter what your politics are. And if it does, well, shame on you.

We call it “Gmail for GIs”, but the good folks over at Gmail 4 Troops call it a way to help troops who are stationed overseas and their families stay in touch. The brainchild of Wil Wheaton (yes, that Wil Wheaton) and his friend Drew Olanoff, Gmail 4 Troops is now being supported and and sponsored by the good folks over at Crewtags, Whizardries, and ISIPP, along with Mr. Wheaton and Mr. Olanoff.

Even though the great unwashed public does not yet have direct access to Gmail, everyone who has a Gmail account now can beget other Gmail accounts. Gmail 4 Troops is asking those who have Gmail accounts to give to donate them to our troops who are stationed abroad, to allow them to stay in touch with their family, friends, and other loved ones back home.

It costs nothing to give an account, and yet think of what it will mean to these soldiers and their families. A free way to communicate across the miles – to share pictures and even video clips (thanks to Gmail’s generous 1gig of storage). A way to keep in touch at a time when silence can be the most frightening thing of all.

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So please, spread the word – if you have Gmail accounts to donate, please do it. If you know troops who are stationed abroad who could benefit from having a Gmail account, tell them to sign up.

Edit: The place to go when this was live was, however of course now Gmail no longer is by invite only, and the domain has allowed to lapse.

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5 thoughts on “Gmail for GIs

  1. Color me embarrassed. It was earlllllly in the morning and I didn’t check out the other sites yet because I was running out the door. Now that I have been to the sites, I got all the explanations I needed. DUH! :) I’ll be giving them all the invites I have.

  2. The point is that a Gig of space lets them get even more video and such from home. Hotmail *PLANS* to match GMail’s storage allotment and Yahoo just bumped up to a whopping 10% of it.

    So the point is to give them as much as possible. Plus it lets them know that the people back home are thinking about them.

  3. I am all for this. However, what’s the point? They can get free yahoo, hotmail, etc. accounts. It is not like gmail is the only free online resource out there.

  4. Aunty Spam is promoting a great idea – thought I would passit on in case any of my “gentle readers” have Gmail and can pass on those invites to help our troops – links and details at Aunty Spam’s log…

  5. As some one who served during the sixties and mail call was so looked forward to( hey we’re still alive) this idea is a very very good thingcudos to all who support it weheather you support the war support the troops & sailors.

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