‘Giving Tuesday’: Internet Community Helping Orphaned Kitten with Lifesaving Surgery

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As you may be aware, today has been designated “Giving Tuesday” (hashtag #GivingTuesday). We are doing our part by asking our readers to please give just $1 to help this orphaned kitten get lifesaving surgery. Oh, this isn’t just any kitten, this is the kitten now known as – not just ‘Chad’ – but *the* Chad. And, even if you can’t stand kitten videos, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to ignore the below short video of the Chad begging to be held in the shower, just so that he can still be in the arms of the angel that is fostering him.

(That angel, by the way, is my own daughter, Jessica Harris, which is why I can personally vouch for this project.)

You see, the Chad showed up as a newborn kitten, orphaned and abandoned, at the Marin Humane Society. Jess, who has a professional background in animal rescue and rehabilitation, often gets the hard cases. So it was with the Chad, when the MHS asked Jess to foster him.


Jess immediately recognized that, of the literally thousands of kittens she has seen and tended to throughout her career, that the Chad was one of those kittens so full of personality – such a cool little guy – that he was going to make some future adoptive family a wonderful cat. He loves people, he loves her other cats, he loves their dogs.

The Chad Loves People!
chad loves people-1


The Chad Loves Other Cats!
the chad and jade-1



The Chad Loves Dogs!
chad and dexter-1


We Mean, He *Really* Loves Hanging Out in Pockets!
the chad in pocket


chad in wes pocket-1


But Jess also immediately recognized that the Chad had some sort of medical issue which kept him from being able to eat properly and gain weight. And it wasn’t some garden variety kitten thing that he might grow out of. He was tiny, and barely gaining weight. And he would hiss at seemingly nothing, and back away from that nothing – which, because of her background, Jess recognized as meaning he was in pain and trying to get away from it.

It also explained why he wanted to be held so much – whatever was the problem, it was causing him pain in his abdomen, which was alleviated by the warmth and pressure of being held.

So much so, that he would even brave the shower in order to be held!

the chad takes a shower


And here is the promised video:

The Chad Takes a Shower

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‘Giving Tuesday’: Internet Community Helping Orphaned Kitten with Lifesaving Surgery


Well, eventually Jess was able to convince folks that needed to be convinced that the Chad’s problem was not just being a picky eater, or regular reflux. They narrowed it down to one of two things: it was almost certainly either a hiatal hernia, which could be corrected with surgery, or giant esophagus (also known as megaesophagus), which would be inoperable.

jess post about chad 1
jess post about chad 2
jess post about chad 3


The Good News!

The good news is that the Chad’s tests came back positive for the hiatal hernia! Which means it can be corrected with surgery!

head up butt down

More Good News!

Through her connections, Jess has been able to line up vets who are willing to perform this somewhat unusual surgery!

The Less Good News

The less good news is that it will cost quite a bit – as much as $4000 dollars, all told – for the Chad’s surgery.

And that is why we are asking you to please, pretty please contribute something – even $1 – to the fund for the Chad’s surgery. Honestly, if 4000 readers contribute just $1, his surgery will be covered!

So please, help us help the Chad, and the people who are taking care of him. Truly, every dollar helps!

every little bit helps


You can donate here:



The Chad (And after you donate, you can follow the Chad’s progress as a member of the Chad’s Rescue Squad on Facebook!)



Thank You!

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‘Giving Tuesday’: Internet Community Helping Orphaned Kitten with Lifesaving Surgery

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