Germany Poised to Pass Law to Target and Censor Websites

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Germany will be voting tomorrow on their proposed Internet censorship law, which would create a list of verboten websites (primarily dealing with the underaged in inappropriate situations) that will be targeted for official German governmental censoring. It was only a few months ago that Australia’s plan to censor websites that it deemed inappropriate or illegal blew up in its face, with the list of censored website being leaked to and widely published on the Internet.

According to the German politics-watching blog, “The Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) is to administer the lists of sites to be blocked and the internet providers obliged to erect the secret censorship architecture for the government.” (Netzpolitik describes itself as “a blog and a political platform for freedom and openness in the digital age.” Or at least that’s how Google Translate renders the blog’s “about” page, which is in German.)

Speaking of translation, while we recognize that English is probably not the blog author’s first language, and we applaud their writing about this important issue in English as well as German, it probably was not quite accurate to say this:

You can read the full article at Netzpolitik (in English) here.

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One thought on “Germany Poised to Pass Law to Target and Censor Websites

  1. According to inet news almost 2 years ago, the Germans claim MS operating systems contain dialback spyware and dislike using Gate’s products.

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