Internet Addiction Treatment Centers in China – Treatment or Torture?

This past week fourteen people staged an escape from the Huai’an Internet Addiction Treatment Centre in China. Last August a Chinese teen who was sent to the Nanning Qihang treatment center for his Internet addiction died under the hands of his “instructors”. So, just what is going on in these Chinese “treatment centers” – or so called ‘Internet boot camps’ – that are designed to “cure” people of their web addiction?

Second Life Sued in Real Life for Virtual Stealing of Virtual Sex Toys

Linden Labs, creator of the popular virtual reality portal SecondLife, has been sued in first life (in other words, real life) for “allowing” Second Life players to counterfeit the SexGen brand of virtual sex toys sold in Second Life by Storker Serpentine (a/k/a in real life as Kevin Alderman). Alderman is joined in his suit by Second Lifer Munchflower Zaius (known in real life as Shannon Grei), who sells virtual clothing in Second Life. Apparently nowhere has it been suggested that any of these players Getta Life.

New Online Monopoly Game Uses Real Streets and Google Maps

Today marked the launch of the Online Monopoly game, Monopoly City Streets ( The holy lovechild of a partnership between Hasbro (owners of the original Monopoly) and Google (owners of the rest of the world), the Online Monopoly site has proven very popular in its short, 12-hour life. Too popular, perhaps, as, with much pomp and fanfare, the site rolled open this morning, and within hours was brought down as the crush of people signing up brought the online Monopoly City Streets server to its knees.

Internet Addiction Rehab Center Sets Up Shop in the U.S.

People often jokingly claim to be an Internet addict – addicted to Internet games or even just addicted to being on the Internet – but for those whose job, families, and lives are negatively impacted by how much time they spend online, Internet addiction is no laughing matter. The first Internet addiction disorder rehab clinic opened three years ago, in Amsterdam. Now the United States has its own Internet addiction disorder rehab clinic, offering Internet addition treatment for Internet addicts and Internet addictions of all types. But are they qualified?

Comcast Offers ‘Boss Button’ to Hide Watching March Madness Basketball at Work

It’s time again for March Madness. For those of you who don’t follow sports, March Madness refers to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division One basketball tournament, which occurs during three weeks in March. During which sixty-five universities duke it out in 64 games. So popular is March Madness that The NCAA now streams it live on the Internet with a service called March Madness on Demand (MODD); and so ardent are March Madness fans that Comcast has sponsored a button on the viewer called “The Boss Button” which, when pressed, throws up a fakespread sheet, so that fans can watch while at work without getting busted.

The Brain Mouse Goes on Sale – Think Your Next Game Move and Your Computer Responds with the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA)

Have you ever wanted to be able to play a computer game by just thinking what you wanted the computer to do next, without having to lift a finger – ala Star Trek, or Neuromancer? Well, now you can, with the release for sale of the OCZ Nueral Impulse Actuator, or, as some are referring to it, the Brain Mouse. (Can’t wait? You can order the OCZ Nueral Impulse Actuator here.)

Botnets Turn to Gambling

It’s long been apparent to our readers that we at the Internet Patrol are not exactly blind fans of online gaming. And we don’t exactly holding up gambling sites as paragons of Internet virtue, either. So news from last week’s e-crime congress in London, bringing to light a
case of the bad (a gambling site) being brought to its knees by the
worse (a botnet), has us pondering the larger implications.

Proposed Settlement of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hot Coffee Lawsuit: Hot Coffee San Andreas Style Means Cash Back for Grand Theft Auto Buyers

If you purchased the game Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas, you may be entitled to a refund under the terms of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hot Coffee settlement. Grand Theft Auto San Andres (GTA San Andreas) was shipped with explicit content which could be revealed by the third-party Hot Coffee mod. The GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee lawsuit was filed after children and others were unwittingly exposed to the Hot Coffee hack in San Andreas.