FunMobile, Freeze Mobile (Freezemob) and FreeMob Join Cell Phone Spammers Mblox in Spamming Through SMS Text Messages

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While complaints continue to roll in about cell phone spam from SMS text message spammers Mblox and their partners Dada Mobile, new complaints are starting to surface about new SMS spammers FunMobile, Freeze Mobile (a/k/a FreezeMob) and Free Mobile. FunMobile may come through with the short code 99621, and Freezemob as short code 36726.

The complaints are always the same: an SMS message from one service or the other appears out of the blue on someone’s cell phone, and the next thing they know they get a charge on their cell phone bill from the spamming service. The charge is almost always $9.99, and up until now was coming primarily through mobile portal provider Mblox on behalf of Dada Mobile.

But now people are starting to get similar unrequested, but billed-for SMS text messages from FunMobile, Freeze Mobile (appearing sometimes on bills as “Freezemob”), and Free Mobile.

As with the charges from DadaMobile, people have found that calling their cell phone provider and complaining – loudly – has gotten the charges removed. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again. In fact people have complained that even with having SMS messages turned completely off, they have still been charged for it!

In an interesting twist, however, a representative from DadaMobile has showed up and started corresponding with Internet Patrol readers, and appears to be genuinely trying to help.

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On a related note, Mblox announced that they published a record number of SMS transactions in 2006. No kidding.

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The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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110 thoughts on “FunMobile, Freeze Mobile (Freezemob) and FreeMob Join Cell Phone Spammers Mblox in Spamming Through SMS Text Messages

  1. Watch your cell phone bills. These will charge your cell phone bill $9.99/month without your authorization. I just received a fraudulent text this morning on my cell phone so I was on the phone with TMobile. The charge hasn’t hit my account yet and I wanted them to know it was a scam. They told me it was from a 3rd party billing, not from TMobile. I googled Spirit Mob Fun Facts and found many complaints under various names from this outfit that has been hitting cell phones and charging them.

  2. have tried to unsubscribe to fun mobile. 4414 and 2212 they both charge me $9.00 pr wk and i have not recieved anything for that money,
    I have tried to find there website but to no evail they seem to be invisible.
    for others please watch 4414 and 2212

  3. I want to unsubscribe ID 8954. I enteredthis by accident and will call at&t to discontinue

  4. In the UK, T-Mobile wants hear nothing of refunding charges for txts. Instead, if you do not pay, they will suspend your number. Trus, they will give you a company EMEXUs to do a search and try to get your charges refunded.

  5. Yes I have a unauthorization for 9.99 on my cell phone bill and I did not authorize adn I will be going to take drastic measures against you adn also putting a black mark against you and everyone else that has done the unauthorization on my cellphone bill!

  6. Just called 877-661-1136 to cancel freeze mobile charge and supposedly it went through. And now I am going to try another number I just saw for freeze and see about reembursement.

  7. I recently received charges totaling $56.00 from my 15-year-old daughter’s cell phone. I was able to have all the charges reimbursed including the Freeze Mobile charge. The 1-866-313-7157 is a working Freeze Mobilie number.

  8. I called freezemobile and told them that I was reporting them to the BBB and their tone changed and I am now receiving a check via mail for the charges I have acrrued for the past 2 months! Although you also have to tell them to block ALL the phone numbers on your account so this doesnt happen again. too bad for them I still reported it to the BBB as a scam…

  9. In regards to the 9.99 Freeze Mobile charge.I just went to the below website and they have cancelled the “membership” that my 13 year old son must have agreed to. They were very cool about it. Even told me to call Tmobile and ask for all 3rd party to be blocked from his phone.I called 866.313.7157 to cancel…
    Peace out!

  10. You guys are whining for no reason. These charges don’t appear out of nowhere. To subscribe to one of these services, you have to text them. They will send a confirmation text to your phone. Only AFTER you reply to the confirmation text (which expressly states the terms and conditions) will you be subscribed and begin being billed for the service YOU asked for. If you’re so positive that you didn’t subscribe, ask your kids, because SOMEONE did from your handset. Its hilarious to see people so worked up, as if they just so happened to target you out of the billion people around. Stop whining about class action lawsuits and read up on this thing called “personal responsibility. “

  11. Just saw the 9.99 charge on my son’s bill apprently this has been going on for months. Called T-mobile after texting UNSUBSCRIBE and STOP to 36736 (Freeze Mobile)and getting a “no account” message in response. I talked to Danny he was VERY nice and reversed the charge and blacklisted the company. Let’s hope this works. T-mobile has been a great service for us they are always helpful with any question. I don’t think they are “partnering” with these jackass companies, they are a much a victim as we are.

  12. I just got off the phone with a rep at T-Mobile (quite rude) who was IMMEDIATELY able to tell me that “this was a premium service that I had to opt into in the first place for it to appear on my bill” and to text STOP to 36726 to get it to stop. She also told me that I was responsible for the charges (turned out that they’ve been happening since August but since there are four numbers on my account they’ve been overlooked until now) but I could sign up for “Family Allowances”. I then hung up, did a quick search, found this, and read about ten comments before calling T-Mobile back and simply saying “I’m calling about Freeze Mobile”. *This* rep was apologetic to the nth degree (for the Freeze debacle AND for the previous rep), blocked the service, and refunded ALL the charges. Hope this helps.

  13. I have a charge on my cell phone for 9.99 from Freeze Mobil and and 3 text messages, I did not andhave not ever texted, I am 68 years old and do not want this, How do I get rid of it.

  14. 1.- i called my carrier (sprint) and they “blocked/refund” the 9.99 charge from Freeze Mobile. 2.- they gave me the number: 866-313-7157.. 3.- called twice, first time didn’t work; a costumer service representative “blocked my charge, blocked my number and canceled the subscription” i was apparently suscribe to “”.. hope it helps!

  15. is there a way to unsubscribe without having to pay? i didn’t even subscribe in the first place.

  16. how do i unsubscribe from emexus to stop them taking money of my mobile phone. ps did not subscribe in first place

  17. please note the above sight is not just a scam but i have felt better ringtones coming out of a special orifice. i have heard better music under water.
    besame culo tu todo crana tonto se loco fina.
    sincerely yours the hole you love to rim.


  19. I got this Freeze Mobile thing coming to my phone about 2 months now. I just got my bill and saw it on there and called T-Mobile, rep said I will get a refund next month of $19.98 .. she also told me to send STOP to 36276 for messages to discontinue. Its so crazy what these companies are doing. Sheesh! …. I also called the phone number that the Bill left on the comment dated 7/1/08 above. Thank u Bill

  20. I was charged for 2 months on my Tmobile without knowing how to unsubscribe, that was bullcrap, we didn’t know who was authorized to bill us. Thanks for the information.

  21. Here is the magic telephone number to cancel the FREEZE MOBILE Alert/Funmobile ringtone accounts. Call 877-661-1136; it will ask for the cellphone number for the account; then it will ask if you want to cancel the account (1) or speak to a representative(2); Then confirm the cancellation (8); I will check back in a day or so to verify the account has been canceled.

  22. I have also been billed for this service. It was on my 14 yr old son’s cell number. He swore up and down he didn’t do this. I have also tried calling the number and it says that it is temperarily unavailable. These crooks need to be stopped. Let me know what to do to file a class action lawsuit. Thank You


  24. I was charged charged with 5 different ringtone agencies Blinko and Freeze mobile were two of them and neither one respond to the text message that I sent them to cancel/Stop. I googled Blinko again and a class action lawsuit web page comes up. I spoke with sprint about it and the representative I spoke with was not helpful she even had the nerve to say if the charges are there that means you did it. Needless to say sprint has not been helpful and basicly said that the charges will continue until I figure how to contact these different ringtone agencies.

  25. listen everyone If you wanna cancel it go to ringtone pages call the toll free .but try to cancel earlier then next mounth otherwise they gonna charge you I was canceled mine May 1. I tough it for march but it wasnt they will refund you money but they charge you the which mount lastday early morning they gonna charge you for example 7:00 a clock

  26. My 11 yr old was offered a free ringtone, Fun Mobile have emptied his prepay account. They didn;t establish who he was or whether he is legally able to enter into a contract. I cancelled the service but who knows whether that is the end of it. The phone number on their website, goes out of region and the customer service people say that it is nothing to do with them. The service providers O2 say it’s nothing to do with them.

  27. I would like to cancel the subscription for this. I don’t even know what it is.

  28. first of all you should not leagaly have to text anything back to a text message you did not authorize ,that is totally between your wireless carrier and the deceptive ringtone or whatever company!!!!!!!!!!! ok the onus is apoun your carrier to take care of it cause you see you are the customer …..ok just be firm and tell them hey look!!! you take care of the problem and the bogus charges and remove them from my bill ok……….and further more I dont text back to any one I just talk on my phone ok ???? got that straight???? and hey thats exactly what I told my carrier AT&T and thet agreed and removed 4 months worth of bogus charges at 9.99 a crack!!! and they opologized to me and I thought it over and then decided to except it:) ayway they put a premium block on my account and I Informed them there wont be a next time:) hey I do not work for At&T and I certaintly do not work for any ringtone company so if they send me something by means of a text message thats AT&t’s problem and the ringtone compay’s problem .not mine ..period and end of story:)

  29. I had a charge this month from 36726 Freeze Mobile. I called TMobile and they said to text stop to 36726. When I did, it came back saying ” Access Denied”. I called the 866-313-7157 number listed early on in this thread. I was told i didn’t ever have services with them. They are Blinko. They have no affiliation with Freeze Mobile. I went through this entire thread and texted stop to everything that was listed. They all came back as my not being a member. TMobile took the charge off this time, I will have to look next month.

  30. I subscribed to crush calculator on the facebook site and am getting charged at $10.00 a week! i tried unsubscribing with 88990 but didn’t work. I NEED HELP!

  31. I saw a report on the local news about this a couple of weeks ago and they said the cell phone companies do get a cut of the charge. What a deal!

  32. 1-866-313-7157 txt code 36726 is a scam, his name is carlos if that is really his name. I am going after them anybody have some info as to where to go to get started?

  33. i’ve tried the unsubscribing text numbers and none of them work. i’m going to call my service provider and try to get freeze tmobile removed; i suggest everyone else do the same if you haven’t yet.

  34. I have Freezemobile on my account for$10.81 (tax in that charge) I don’t have that cell anymore–it is broken and gone– How can I get rid of this freezemobile forever? Please help

  35. My sister got hit by this service also. We did not know how to stop it till today. Thank God !!

  36. I got hit with the 9.99 charge from Freeze. I called T-Mobile told them no way would I pay for this and complained that they were actually in a conspiracy with freeze. Otherwise why would they relay the charges when they must know very well they were a scam. They removed the charge promptly and told me to text STOP to 36726

  37. This company has been charging me 9.99/mo for i don’t know how long. What th hell is this company?

  38. Same thing happen here as everyone, I just realize they charging me $9.99 per month since Nov, 2007.

  39. This is freakin crazy I got charge $9.99 i didnt use this service. all i did click their web site. I call T Mobile thank god they remove the charge.

  40. Freeze Mobile unauthorized charges me $9.99 since april 07 Nobody could do anything…Why? T-mobile suppose to protect us. I tried STOP 3 times. I cannot stop them from charging me, how can I get refund for something I never order. Help!

  41. I contacted my T-mobile rep. and they were more than happy to help me get these unwanted charges from Freeze Mobile removed, and also helped to get me credit back for past charges. I was very impressed with T-mobiles great customer service.

  42. I work with T-Mobile in Customer Care. If you are a new customer and are getting these charges on your first bill, please call T-Mobile to block this content and to refund you. The charges are there due to a subscription set up by the person who had possession of your phone number before you were issued the phone number. We’ve had an employee mobile account with T-Mobile since November 2004; my husband and I are in our 50’s; we NEVER use our mobile numbers for anything yet my husband’s mobile number was sent items from Freezemobile AKA I called T-Mobile about my account the same way other T-Mobile customers do and got this company blocked and got refunds. IF you call T-Mobile and request a refund for these services and you KNOW you did not subscribe and IF a customer service rep does refund you – ASK for a supervisor. In the rare event that you are not offered a refund for these services you may be dealing with a new employee who does not know that T-Mobile offers refunds for these subscriptions. You will however need to wait for the refund to appear on your NEXT BILL however as T-Mobile must contact the other company to dispute those charges. Don’t blame T-Mobile for these charges but instead lay the blame on these companies who send the content!

  43. Got it on my daughter’s phone. Called T-Mobile. Immediately credited the account, and blacklisted the company on our account. Only problem was that she also said to message Freeze to STOP and CANCEL but access was denied – probably because the TM rep blacklisted it on the account.

  44. I sent a text to 36726 nd typed unsubcribe. io got a text back sayig it was cancelled. I then called 1-866-313-7157 and got someone immediately and he verified it was cancelled. It is a hassle on my bill bu t I had no problems getting it cancelled. Good lucK!

  45. i wanna kill freeze mobile, this stupid fuckin company i never even heard of keeps sending me a 9.99 bill every month from sprint! i was on the phone for a hour with sprint and they took care of it and then told me to text STOP and CANCEL to 36726, and they are refunding me my 30 dollars that i’ve already paid. Freeze Mobile sucks! i hardly even know how to use a phone nevermind order stuff, i’d like to ring freeze mobiles neck!!!!!

  46. Freeze mobile is making me mad. I did not subscribe anything from freeze mobile. They keep taking $9.99 every month from me through t-mobile.If t-mobile partners with freeze mobile why can they stop them from stealing from me? T- mobile steals my money and give to them every month and there is no way T-mobile said they can stop them. Freeze mobile don’t have a customer service # either. Government or officials should stop this preditors/thieves. They (Freeze mobile) owes me a lot of money. Please get all my money for me from this so call “FREEZE MOBILE” company. Thanks

  47. What the heck is Nevis Mobile: Alerts?!?!? I just got charged $9.99 for something me and my family know nothing about? somebody please explain what this is???

  48. I’ve just checked my monthly service bill (10/08/07 – 11/07/07) for T-Mobile, and at the very end (as said in one of the above comments), there is the charge of $9.99 from Freeze Mobile. I sent a text message replying “STOP” the day I subscribed, and a message was received saying “Unsubscribed” (or what not). DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS UNSUBSCRIPTION IS LEGIT?

    …or should I be expecting another $9.99 from Freeze Mobile charge for my next monthly service bill?

  49. I too am having the same issues as posted in the comment 41. Class action lawsuit you say, where do I sign up. I have had charges for the past 2 months from MBLOX 77877 and at first I was accusing my kids but they looked at me and reminded me that I have everything blocked on their phones. Over $70.00 in a month in charges.

  50. i found 2 charges each for 9.99 on my cell phone bill with t mobile this month. customer service at t mobile refused to cancell it . i now realize i was spammed. please give me info about how to file a class action lawsuit

  51. I received this charge, and called t-mobile and they removed it. I also reported this to the website in post #26 (above). I called the 866 number for Freeze mobile, and waited on hold for 30 minutes or so, and no one ever answered.

  52. I just want you to do me the favor of removing freeze mobile from my account because i never subscribed to it and im being charged. thanks jessica

  53. Watch out for Funmobile 99621 and MBlox 77877, we have texted them to stop, called and followed the directions to stop and still nothing. MBlox is a billing company for Emexus 888-353-2801 they finally said they’d stop it and refund the charges. Funmobile were a bunch a jerks and basically called me a liar that we attempted to stop the subscription. It is supposedly stopped now. I have also joined the class action lawsuit against these companies and encourage everyone else who has been taken by these companies to do the same. Maybe that way they can shut them down for good.

  54. Am back from the T-Mobile store this morning. They refunded/reversed the $9.99 charge, and blacklisted the 42222 & 36726 codes.

  55. Just got $9.99 Freeze Mobile charge on my T-Mobile bill. Sent text msg unsubscribe cancel to 36726 which canceled the plan (scam).

    Going to T-Mobile store tomorrow to get the charge reversed before I pay the bill. Will also have 42222 and 36726 blacklisted.

  56. I have been charged $19.98 on my Verizon Acct. for 2 txt msg’s. My Carrier backed it out, & told me they were from: Freeze Mobile Co. & Gold Pocket Wireless. Verizon can block them, but cannot stop these Cust. Charges.
    The FCC should get involved via WFA = Waste, Fraud & Abuse under the FCC Regs. …

  57. I received a $9.99 charge from 36726 Freeze Mobile. I’ve never used that service at all! I called T-mobile (ask for Kena id# 8474974), she made sure that I will be receiving a refund & she also blacklisted that number so they can’t text me anymore. Kena was very helpful! Hope this works for you guys.

  58. I contacted Sprint about Freeze Mobile Alerts on my statement. They were willing to make sure I get a full refund but you must do the following:
    Text STOP END QUIT CANCEL UNSUBSCRIBE to the following number (36726). I received a reply that I had been unsubscribed. I hope this helps.

  59. THIS site is complete bullshit..i have no idea how this ended up on my bill…please somebody find a phone number and shut these jerks down.

  60. My 14 year old subscribed to this unknowingly. This is such a scam! Now she is on the hook until we figure out how to unsubscribe.

  61. Is there a Lawsuit for this service?
    all of the cancel number are down or access denied
    I am in for it.

  62. I have been trying to contact Freeze Mobile and can’t find a phone number or anything other than their text number. I have been scammed by this company for months and want to call them and talk to them personally.

    Do you have the phone number of Freeze Mobile? If so, would you please email it to me at the above email address.

    Any cooperation you can give me in this matter is much appreciated.

    I admire sites such as yours that are fighting spam and unwanted emails and cell texts. Keep up the good work!


  63. I have just had to deal with the same issues from FREEZEMOB and a new one people may not be aware of, SendMe Inc. They both charging me 9.99 per month. We have talked with ATT/Cingular and the fees have been removed, but we are not sure how to stop the service. The charges appear at the very end of the bill, so most people don’t notice them. Good luck to all and we’ll have to see if we continue to get charged.

  64. we did not sign into their service (Freeze Mobile).My wife is too old (61 yrs)to want ringtones and she cant even send text messages or operate a computer . I do not know how she got her number on it because I only have the administrative access necessary to make changes to the acct. I wish it will be easy for T-Mobile to reverse the charges but judging from similar forums,it won’t be!
    Bottom line is Why did T-Mobile authorize billing and unauthorized changes to the account without permission. They disable some of the phone’s feature just to force you to utilize their services in which you pay extra. The Highly Deceptive and Teenager-oriented design Freeze Mobile website also competes with their T-zones features so why allow it!unless they are getting a percentage of that charge,which I think they are then they will just look the other way while these scammers which they also profit rob their customers.


  66. This third party scam thing wont be sending us messages/ringers unless we really subscribed from their service, its kind a misleading though because theyll tell you that its for free and then youll notices that theyre charging you for 9.99,its frustrating becuase freeze mobile and same companies are nowhere to be contacted.i call sprint, was informed to reply cancel or stop and they block my number from receiving this king of message…

  67. If you were charged on their cell phone bill for ringtones or other mobile content that you never authorized, you might want to get in touch with some class action attorneys.

    These guys are investigating unauthorized cell phone charges and wireless SMS spam and might be able to help you fight back:

  68. what a rip off, they need to me shut down. cingular helped me get rid of them. I got credit for this month bill.

  69. My phone is part of my husband company plan and he got yelled at by his boss reg $9.99 in charges. My husband thought I subscribed, I told him I never did, the only thing I have ever done is download a $2.99 ringtone every once in awhile, I have texted att the 42222 and the 36726 with no confirmations of a cancellation. Do I hear class action lawsuit????

  70. I recently looked up ringtones (42222) out of currioustly. Next thing I know I’m gettin 9.99 charges on my Spring bill. I cancelled and had a confirmation number. I keep getting bill. Sprint will not help.

  71. Terms: This is a subscription service, by inserting your cell number and entering the pin, you are subscribing to the service. You will receive your crush’s
    name to your cell and weekly horoscopes thereafter. The cost is $9.99 per month. You can unsubscribe at any time, simply sms STOP to 88990.
    For support, call 888-50-62455 or email [email protected] Subscribers must be over 16 or have the permission from your parent or guardian.

  72. Got the $9.99 charge from Freeze Mobile this month…called T-Mobile and the lady gave me their number 1-866-313-7157 to call. I called them, and their number was disconnected. So I texted “unsubscribe cancel” to 36726. About 2 seconds later I got a text back saying I was unsubscribed from Did it once again just to make sure.

  73. when i got phone bill from sprint this month i have charges from 2 companies for 9.99 a piece and i cant find a number to cancel

  74. The other day I told this crush calculator thing my cell number. Now I have to pay 5.99 a month help! I need to stop this! What do I do?

  75. Verizon told me it was from Nevis Alerts the 9.99 thing, the message i sent to them was stop fn texting me or your company will lose more then it makes this year. we all should make a really big deal about this.

  76. when i kept getting these messages on my phone…i just replyed “stop textin me” then 2mins later i got a text saying “U have unsubscribed from bla bla”

  77. If you go into ‘my account’ and ‘my purchases’ in media net, you can find the $9.99 charge and cancel it and request a refund!

  78. I did the text message of STOP to the 42222 and received back that I was no longer subscribed. Just to be sure I did it a second time and got back that I was NOT SUBSCRIBED to any of the 42222 services.. I save this text.
    GOOD LUCK and it should work.

  79. FROM THE FREEZE MOBILE PAGE IS THE FOLLOWING :: To cancel your service, text .STOP. to 42222 at anytime. For questions, please contact Blinko.s customer service at or call 1-800-971-2271.

  80. At first I didn’t know what the charges were for. I had freeze mobile and buongiorno alerts charge me 9.99 each for the last 4 months and I called sprint to have them stop sending me alerts for ringtones. I found out Buongiorno is a trademark of Blinko. So all beware that these ringtone places can spam you on your cell phone and you get charged 9.99 a month. They need to be stopped. Call your cell pone company and complain. You know they have heard our stories many times already. Maybe something will be done.

  81. I was on the internet at school looking for an article and a box for freeze mobile popped up. I started to fill it out then hit cancel when I realized it was not what I was looking for. Now I have been charged for two months worth of services that I haven’t used and Sprint told me I was not being charged for it. Any help? I do not want to keep donating money for something I do not use.

  82. Got my ATT/Cingular bill today and there was a charge for $9.99 from Freezemob. Called Cingular to have it removed. And they did, but they told me that it was subscription and I NEVER subscribed. But I DID get a text from 36726 which I deleted. Someone should go aftyer these guys!

  83. To unsubscribe from freeze mobile or you have to do two things…1. text “unsubscribe cancel” to 36726…2. call 866-313-7150 and leave a message on their answering machine.

  84. i have to pay $9.99 for a ringtone that i dont even use. I have to psy that every month and i dont get my money back or they won’t unsubscribe me. Freeze Mobile is terrible

  85. FREEZEMOB rip off…I was given 866-313-7157 to cancel this bogus $9.99 subscription….on hold forever with the worst Jazz music. Emailed at [email protected] only bounces back. How do you get ahold of these people. I don’t even use a ring tone.

  86. I was on the phone with the most pleasant lady at CTC/Cingular today who is helping me with her tech support person to get this stopped. We picked up the spammer through myspace and they obviously have gotten hold of our cell phone number. Over $80 in charges to our cell phone bill in 4 months and we have gotten NO service for what started out (so we thought) to be an offer for “FREE” Ringtones. All we ever got was a few sick one-line jokes in text message. The spammer also was posting comments on myspace through my husband’s account for “Free” Ringtones that he had not posted.
    Go get’em, Internet Squad!!!

  87. what do you know about this one….i get 1-3 phone calls a day that show the #906-33….it rings thru to voice mail and leaves an uninelligible few words… for months now…. i check w/sprint and they know nothing but offered to set up a new phone #for me… haven’t done it yet because of the hassle… what does anyone know about this one?

  88. I was given a $11.00 dollar V I P thank you from American Express. When I went on line to look there was no gift. They just gave me a subsription to some Ringtone Company. I don’t want it and can’t find where I can cancel it. This was a crummy trick . Can you heip me get unsubscribed
    Thank You,
    Janice Hanson

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