Frustrated Trying to Get a New iPad 2? Here’s How and Where to Get Your New iPad2 Relatively Quickly and Easily!

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If you are wanting to buy an Apple iPad2, and want to get your new iPad2 from an authorized dealer of the 2nd generation iPad (and avoid paying the extortionist prices that some individuals are charging for a new Apple iPad 2 – we saw one person on Craigslist selling a white iPad 2 for $1800!), then you may be frusted that every single iPad next generation authorized dealer is out of the new iPad 2, and that nobody can tell you when they will get their next shipment (and if you want to order your new iPad 2 from Apple, online, they are quoting a 2-3 week wait). What’s more, nobody will hold one for you. Or, will they? There’s a nifty little secret to secure yourself a new iPad 2, whether you want a black iPad 2, a white iPad 2, a wifi-only iPad 2, or a 3G AT and T or Verizon iPad 2.

Here’s the little secret that we just uncovered – if you walk into your friendly neighborhood Best Buy, you can put $100 down, and they will reserve an iPad 2 for you – out of the very next shipment that comes to their store. Moreover, when you put your $100 down, they give you a gift card for $100, so that if for some reason you decide you don’t want that iPad when it comes in (say, you found one elsewhere), you can have them release the one they are holding for you, and just use that $100 gift card for something else in the store. There is no penalty!

Best Buy just rolled out this “reserve an iPad 2” program today (March 12, the day after the iPad launch), and nobody knows how long they will keep doing it (maybe just a day, maybe many days), so best get down there quickly. Your reservation goes into the queue on a first-come first-served basis.

By all accounts, when the first iPad was released, Best Buy had nearly as full, if not as full, a distribution of iPads as did the Apple stores in the same locales. So the odds of your getting one through Best Buy, and reserved for you, to boot, seem a lot better then the odds of getting an iPad by lining up outside the Apple store with no guarantee that they are even going to get any more iPads in while you are there.

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