From Food Stamps to Six Figures, Using the Internet

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We have a colleague by the name of Jeff Walker. Jeff is one of those amazing people – a genuinely nice guy – who also happens to know how to ethically make a lot of money on the Internet. I mean, a lot of money.

What is unique about Jeff, also, is that he helps others to make a lot of money on the Internet. Again, I mean, a lot of money.

OK, we all know how the BIG NAME guru guys can make thousands by sending out one email, right?

Who cares… that’s old news.

And what good does it do the “regular” folks, right?

Well, score one for the regular guys – this is crazy:

Jeff helps a guy go from food stamps to six figures, using the Internet

This is a full-blown case study with a guy named John Gallagher, a regular guy who put together a bunch of product launches… and he went from stuck-in-the-mud to six figures in no time at all.


And get this – John isn’t in the “make money” market. Not by a LONG shot.

In fact, he’s in a weird little niche that most people wouldn’t think about… but it plops thousands into his bank account every month.

Did you catch that? EVERY. MONTH.

Go take a look, it’s free and you don’t even need to enter your email address or anything:

Guy making thousands a month from the Internet, legitimately

P.S. You can watch the full-blown case study right now, without giving your email or
anything… but we highly suggest you go ahead and subscribe on that page – because then you’ll
get another killer case study… click here to watch

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4 thoughts on “From Food Stamps to Six Figures, Using the Internet

  1. I really hate those floating windows offering to give me a subscription. I stopped visiting sites that did that to me. Plus, I already have a subscription to The Internet Patrol.

  2. I did not see a way to view the case study without supplying my e-mail address. No matter what I tried, I was prompted for the address.

  3. So Anne, I guess you are making a “lot” of money now! Good for you. :-) Have a terrific day!

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