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Rumours of free Google wifi have been around for months. It was first confirmed when Google free wifi was confirmed in San Francisco, and then shortly after Google quietly rolled out Google free wifi in Mountain View in a few choice locations (a pizza parlour and a gym) where, it’s guessed, their engineers like to go and be able to check their email.

Now Google has officially offered the City of Mountain View a blanket free Google wifi.

Recently, Google approached the town authorities and offered to put up about 300 wifi transmitters, blanketing Mountain View and turning it into one giant free hotspot.

According to a statement released by Google this week, “This proposal is in the same spirit of making the world’s information easily and quickly accessible as our recent San Francisco WiFi bid and is technically comparable to that initiative. Google has no plans at this time to expand our WiFi efforts beyond the Bay Area.”

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Said Mountain View mayor Matt Neely, “It’s pretty amazing. What better place than Google’s hometown and what better place than Mountain View to have the whole city connected on WiFi?”

While no date has yet been announced for the free Google wifi in Mountain View, according to Neely, “This will be happening in the very near future.”

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