FlexiSpy Announces Cell Phone Tapping Software for iPhone

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Oh goody. The anti-privacy folks at FlexiSpy, who brought you cell phone tapping software for Nokia 60, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones back in 2007, have just announced a new iPhone cell phone tapping software version of FlexiSpy. Whee!

According the announcement by FlexiSpy:

“We have finally released the iPhone version!

Remotely read SMS, Call Logs, Emails and GPS locations on any iPhone.

FlexiSPY is a premium iPhone spyphone product, and lets you secretly read iPhone SMS, Email, Call Records and GPS locations inside a secure web account. You can then carry out powerful searches and view locations on a map. Click here to find out more

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We make it easy. Simply purchase FlexiSPY for iPhone spyphone, and you can download directly into your jailbroken iPhone. No complicated cables or PCs are required, the entire process takes only a few minutes.

Our iPhone spyphone is unlike other products on the market. FlexiSPY iPhone is designed for real life situations where failure is not an option.

We are not the cheapest, but if being discovered is not an option, FlexiSPY iPhone spyphone is your only choice.”

Did you get that? “You can download it directly onto your iPhone.”

As if someone is going to put it on their own phone and spy on themselves.


The only saving grace here is that it only works if the iPhone is jailbroken, which means that you can only use it to spy on someone who has cracked their iPhone.

Perhaps Apple should tout this as a (more compelling) reason to not jailbreak your iPhone.

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3 thoughts on “FlexiSpy Announces Cell Phone Tapping Software for iPhone

  1. For the latest news on iPhone spy phone software, do a google search for ‘iPhone spy’ and click on any of the top results. Any one of those companies will keep you updated.

  2. iPhone spy phone software is actually getting more advanced than anyone thought it could. now there is remote monitoring and soon to be remote call interception. definitely something to keep in mind if you plan to use an iPhone for business.

  3. #

    I am doing an independent review of the flexispy software, if anyone has any feedback or user experiences I would really appreciate the feedback.

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