Flappy Bird is Back, Well, not Yet

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Last month fans of Flappy Bird were outraged when its maker pulled the app from online stores.  The addictive game disappeared from existence although it didn’t actually disappear from devices that had previously downloaded it.  Well now, Flappy Bird is back.

flappy bird pipes

Ok, Flappy Bird isn’t back yet.  But it will be, we just don’t know when.  Last month when its developer pulled the app, he declared that it was gone forever.  Now, just one month later, the news is that the app will return.  Precisely when Flappy Bird will return is an unanswered question unfortunately.  The only official word is “not soon.”

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Flappy Bird is Back, Well, not Yet

When Flappy Bird was pulled from electronic shelves, it had almost three quarters of a million reviews on the Apple and Android stores.  Many were joking reviews about all of the time lost playing the game and the marriages that were ended because of it.  While the reviewers were, presumably, joking, this may have factored in to the reason to pull the app.  While it wasn’t the expressed reason for pulling the game, the maker declared that the game had gotten out of control and was addictive.

There were other questions about whether there was copyright infringement – the pipes in Flappy Bird look suspiciously like those from Super Mario Brothers.  There were also unconfirmed rumors that bots were being used to increase the app store’s ranking.  If either of those issues held any truth, the problems must have been resolved.

Whether there is any truth to any of the supposed reasons for pulling the popular app, those who missed out on the craze will apparently get a second chance.  We don’t know when but certainly everyone will be keeping their eyes peeled for whenever Flappy Bird starts to wreck more marriages and steal more time away from new unsuspecting users.

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Flappy Bird is Back, Well, not Yet

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