Fixing the ‘To View This Web Content’ Error

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you were trying to view a web page or other web content, and ran into an error that advised you that in order to view this web content you need to install this, or do that.

By far the most common request we get along those lines is how to fix the “to view this web content you need to install the Java Runtime Environment” error on a Mac, and if that is what you are looking for, you can read our article on how to fix the Mac OS X Java runtime environment “jre” error here.

But you may also be getting the error from another source, and so we detail below the most common sources of this error.


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If you are getting an ‘unable to view this content’ error from Netflix, it is likely for one of the following reasons:

– You are not logged in to your own account
– You are attempting to stream something that is only available on DVD
– There is a problem with old or cached information on the device on which you are trying to watch your Netfix show (in this case, reset the device and it should fix the problem).

(If your problem with Netflix is that it is no longer working with your iPad, here’s how to fix that problem.)

WordPress Sites

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If you are getting a “you do not have permission to view this content” on a site that is built on WordPress, it either means that you have to join the site as a member, or, if you are already a member, that you need to log in.

If you are getting the “you do not have permission to view this content” once you are already logged in, then you need to contact the administrator of the site, and let them know that the settings for the content permissions feature of their membership system needs to be adjusted.

(If you are an adminstrator of a WordPress site, and your users are complaining about getting a “Sorry, you do not have permission to view this content” error, then you need to update the content permissions feature of your membership plugin.)

Adobe Flash Player

If you are getting an error that says, or is similar to, “To view this content, you need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player”, you can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player here.

AdBlock or other ad filtering software

Perhaps the most annoying error message to get is one that tells you to disable your ad-filtering software.

Companies that provide online advertising to websites, such as Adscend Media, build detection of AdBlock and other ad blocking software into their offerings, so that the sites that publish their ads cannot be viewed unless you turn off your adblocking software. If you try to view a site with Adscend ads, for example, you are given this error message:

“The website that you were tyring (sic) to view requires that you turn off AdBlock or other software that removes advertisements from a website. Advertisements are needed to keep the site’s content free. You will need to temporarily turn off your software to view the site.”

If you receive such an error message, you have a couple of choices – you can either turn off your ad blocking software, or you can simply choose not to view the site.

If you are reading this article because you encountered an error in attempting to view content on the web, we hope that this has helped!

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