FCC to Publish List of Wireless Domains to Which You May Not Send Commercial Email

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Here’s a great idea! Let’s make a law which says that you can’t send commercial email to domains which have wireless messaging devices on the other end. So you can’t send commercial email to the email address of a celphone or pager or the likes. So far so good – great law – and in fact it goes into effect on October 18th, as one of the mandates of CAN-SPAM.

Now, to make sure that nobody accidentally sends commercial email to a wireless device, along with all the commercial email to “land email addresses” which they send, let’s publish a list of all of the domains which service wireless devices, so that nobody will send email to addresses at any of those domains.

A personal note from Aunty to the person who guesses within the nearest tenth of a second how long it will take from the moment of publication of the list to the moment a spammer imports the entire list into their database.

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5 thoughts on “FCC to Publish List of Wireless Domains to Which You May Not Send Commercial Email

  1. Now dear friend. Tell me again why you wish to vote for the idiot who signed such a bill. Do we really want four more years of this kind of lunacy?

    Spammers got into pockets of those who submitted and voted for this bill and who also vote or nor for bill the president wants approved so they all need to be voted out of office.

    Never mind the other world problems this one alone should prove to you that “We the People” are NOT being properly represented in

  2. What are they going to do with the DOMAINS that they couldn’t already? How many spammers do you think DON’T know that [email protected] or [email protected] are cell phone addresses?? A list of no-spam DOMAINS, whether for mobile devices or just regular .com domains, is a decent idea. It shouldn’t generate any more spam than before, and it would give a cause of action against domestic spammers.

  3. WTF are you thinking? Give them more contact than they had before!!! Get your head out of your ass. You are giving away adresses. IDIOTS!

  4. It will take about 2 seconds for them to download the list. I find it amazing that the govt thinks it can protect us by publishing this list. I agree with Verizon, this is a BAD idea. I like the privacy of the cell phone, don’t publish something that will destroy that.

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