Starbucks Giving Away Free Pints of Ice Cream via Facebook Right Now

Yes, it’s true. Starbucks is giving away free pints of ice cream, via Facebook. How it works is that, through the Star bucks Facebook application, you can send a certificate for one free pint of Starbuck’s icecream to a Facebook friend. To send a free Starbucks free ice cream, just follow the following easy steps. (Sorry, you can’t get the free pint for yourself – you’ll have to have a friend send it to you!)

Facebook Using YOUR Updates and Info in Facebook Social Ads Advertising

It’s one of Facebook’s dirty little secrets, even though it’s been publicly available information for more than a year. Facebook takes information that you post, and sells it to advertisers who can use it in ads that are displayed to your friends. For example, if I posted “Eating Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream”, Ben & Jerry’s could then show an ad to all of my Facebook friends saying “Anne is eating Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream – shouldn’t you too?” The service is part of Facebook’s “Facebook beacons” service for advertisers, and the ads in which your Facebook info is displayed are called “Facebook Social Ads”. And if you don’t explicitly opt out of them, then you are fair game.

Facebook Responds to Concerns over New Facebook TOS

Facebook has responded to the concern engendered by the new Facebook TOS with a post by none other than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself. In his comments, Zuckerberg tries to allay the fears of Facebook users by saying that even though the new Facebook TOS says that Facebook can use all user-generated content however they want, and forever, they wouldn’t really do so. Unfortunately, that doesn’t cut it.

Teen Anthony Stancl Uses Facebook to Trick and Blackmail Other Boys Into Having Sex with Him

An 18-year-old boy has been charged with blackmailing as many as 31 teen boys into having sex with him. Anthony Stancl – who calls himself Tony Stancil – of New Berlin, Wisconsin, tricked his victims by posing as a girl on Facebook, and having his victims send nude pictures and videos of themselves to “her”. Then Anthony Stancil told them that if they didn’t have sex with him, or let him perform a sex act on them, that he would post the pictures and videos to the Internet.

Facebook Censors Pictures of Breastfeeding Babies

As early as 2007, Facebook began quietly censoring pictures of breastfeeding babies which members had posted to their Facebook profiles. They did this by simply removing the pictures of the nursing babies after they were posted. In some cases, users were warned if they continued posting such “obscene” content, they stood to lose their Facebook accounts. Now the issue is heating up, and Facebook is not backing down. Facebook – you win the booby prize.

Koobface Facebook and MySpace Worm Infects Users with Trojan Disguised as codecsetup.exe

A new worm is raising havoc for Facebook and MySpace users. Called Koobface (and alternatively the Facebook Worm, MySpace Worm, Facebook Virus, or MySpace Virus), the MySpace and Facebook worm posts messages on Facebook and MySpace with links to what it claims to be a video. When the users follow the Koobface MySpace or Facebook worm link, they are told that they need to update their video player, and to “click here”. Of course, what they download isn’t really a video player update, it’s a trojan called “codecsetup.exe” which allows their computer to be taken over and controlled remotely.