2 thoughts on “Facebook to Delete All Fake Accounts

  1. Please update this to explain how they determine what is fake or not. Also, this is not good news for freedom of speech considering many main stream media sites only allow commenters with Facebook accounts and that means everyone now has to use their real names to say anything. That right there is a violation of free speech. Sure a company can do what it wants as its free speech, but this can mean a big corporate corralling of everyone into having to identify themselves everywhere online.

  2. How would they know my “fake” account is fake? The only thing fake about it is my name and I did that years ago so old classmates, former friends, etc., couldn’t search for me by name. On my real (business) account, old classmates, former friends and former clients have found me. But that’s not such a bad thing since it’s a business profile and has mainly my judge and lawyer friends.

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