Facebook “Saved” Section for Saving Links, Videos, Events, Music, Movies and More

facebook saved links and videos
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Facebook has quietly started rolling out an option to save links, videos, events, places, music, books, movies, and tv shows that your friends have posted, so that you can go back and review and refer to them at your leisure, in your “Saved” section.

facebook save things for later

While some people report seeing the “Save…” option as long ago as Decemeber, others don’t have it at all yet. But if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth checking for it.

To see whether you have the “Save…” option, simply go to any of your friends’ posts on Facebook that include a link, a video, music, etc., and click on the drop-down menu arrow.

find facebook save option

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If you have the Facebook “Save…” option, you will see it here.

Facebook Save This Link Option
facebook save link

Facebook Save This Video Option
facebook save this video option


Facebook added to saved links

Once you save something, you can go to your “Saved” section and revisit them.


facebook saved links and videos

To remove something from your Saved section is a two-step process.

First you have to archive it, by clicking the ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner of the saved item.

delete archive saved link video facebook


Facebook saved archive

Once its in your Archive section, click on the ‘…’ next to ‘Share’:

delete saved link video

Then click on ‘Delete’ (you can also unarchive an item here).

delete unarchive facebook saved link video


How to Find Your Facebook ‘Saved’ Section

To get to your Saved section, you just click on “Saved” from the left-hand navigation bar on the Facebook home page.

facebook saved link

Oddly (or perhaps not so oddly – it is, after all, Facebook), the only place you will find a link to your ‘Saved’ section is from the Facebook home page, not, for example, from anywhere on your own timeline.

However, that said, the URL for your Facebook Saved section is very easy to remember. It’s https://www.facebook.com/saved/. (Go ahead, try this link – if it works, you have the Save option!)

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15 thoughts on “Facebook “Saved” Section for Saving Links, Videos, Events, Music, Movies and More

  1. Most of the items I save don’t show up when I go back to view them a few days later. Is there only a certain amount of time they can be saved?

  2. does anyone address these items? I have saved 99 items, I can only access the most recent as the ‘show me more’ tab does not work at the end of the page so I only get to see maybe a dozen of the 99!

  3. I have been reporting to FB for
    weeks that I cannot access my “saved, posts on my iphoneX!
    I often use saved to access links,
    Posts, etc. that I need to have
    access to. I have used this for
    years without a problem! I see others have the same issue! I hope
    you will fix soon! I’ve lost count at how often i’ve Hit, “try again”
    to no avail!! HELP!

  4. Reading all these comments I realize more people are experiencing the same problem I am. I have saved so many things and now I can’t get them. The screen goes black . Guess I should have printed out recipes and etc. Makes me ?. I have an Apple IPad. I wish someone, somehow would tell me how to correct this problem. Sad in Michigan….

  5. What good does it do to post here, nothing is addressed or repaired. My saves used to be in the list, I could click on it and they were there. Now it is in the show more section, when I click on the saved, it takes me completely out of Facebook. Doesn’t do this on my smartphone!

  6. The “show more” section of saved items does not work. Only most recent items display. Any suggestions as to how to fix this. I can’t see all the archived items as well. Thanks for any help you may have with this issue.

  7. My saved icon is displayed but the number of saved items is no
    Longer there. How do I get it to show how many saved items In have?

  8. Worked great on my laptop..for some reason when I click the SAVED on phone..it blinks and screen goes black..and I can’t see the saved links.

  9. Why not let people save videos, or the app, straight to their phones.
    It’s annoying when trying to save your own video your partner posted.

  10. I’ve really searched but can’t find my “saved” section nor saved posts anywhere … help !

  11. Ive saved some important posts where a man was harrassing me on facebook so i can have them for proof. Two times already my saved posts just showed up on my timeline without me doing anything. Can someone tell me why this is happening? Am i being hacked or is it facebook being retarded?

  12. How do we view old videos we have saved? On my Saved page it shows that I have 10 videos but none is showing….

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