Facebook Not Loading for You? This May be Why

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Is Facebook not loading for you properly? If your problem isn’t that Facebook is down, or that you can’t get to the site, but that the page isn’t loading everything (and especially if several Facebook pages aren’t loading everything), the problem may not be on Facebook’s end (exactly) but with your computer. Or, put more properly, Facebook may have tweaked something on its end that has caused software on your computer to need to be updated in order to play nicely with Facebook again. Does your effort to load Facebook result in something that looks like this?:




If so, then most likely you need to upgrade Flash (that’s Adobe Flash). Fortunately, this is a fast, free upgrade. To do this, simple download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player here, install it, and then Facebook should behave again.

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8 thoughts on “Facebook Not Loading for You? This May be Why

  1. Nope in my case the problem must lie with facebook as my account doesn’t work properly on any devices or browsers but my husband’s account works fine on the same devices.

  2. “The Internet Patrol” seems to be patrolling the internet blindfolderd. ;) :D

    Clear your browser cache, and everything will probably work again.

  3. I have MacBook Air laptop, and I use Safari browser. My Facebook (pages and all that) had NOT been loading since yesterday(May 13, 2018). It was fine the last few days. Can you fix that for me so I can go over there and make sure it is loading properly and no problems again? Thank You!

  4. Cant get to my games I play on face book. It keeps saying Face book not responding. What should I Do to fix the problem ?

  5. when I try to get to facebook or when I actually get to the login page I get an error message
    “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    Everything I have tried, including allowing cookies does not work. Any solutions?

  6. Same here since 5/3/26 might have to do with my smartphone’s data plan though- (if you are using a smartphone that might be the case, just need to pay next bill) after that shit should go back to normal!

  7. i have tried eerything why wont my games or pic from phone post or load on fb on any of our laptops or computer its been almost a week now still not loading

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