Facebook “If I Die” App Lets Users Leave Posthumous Facebook Message

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A new Facebook program, called “If I Die” (shouldn’t that be “When I Die” or “If I’m Dead”?) allows a last farewell message to be posted to the user’s wall after they pass away. No, they don’t actually post after they are dead from beyond the grave (that would be a Oujia Board app), but the “If I Die” app is said to be the next best thing.

The way that it works is that the user appoints three friends who must confirm that the user has, in fact, really passed away. Only then will the message, that the now-deceased user has prerecorded, be posted to their wall.

Developed by Willook, a technology outfit in Israel, it is suggested that “If I Die” can be used to share anything from a beloved story or joke, to a long-held secret to be released only after the bearer’s death.

Explains Willook, “Last words: we all hope we will get a chance to say some. But not knowing when or where we are going to die makes it a bit tricky… You’re probably thinking to yourself, I don’t remember scheduling an appointment with Death anytime soon, and you’re right. But so is Death, right around the corner. So don’t wait until it’s too late – leave your message today.”

You can get the Facebook “If I Die” application here.

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