Facebook Applications Can Now Require Your Email Address

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It’s no secret that Facebook has an.. interesting … view of user privacy. In fact, Facebook CEO Mark Zucker recently suggested that Facebook users (should) have no expectation of privacy.

Now to add insult to the complete-lack-of-privacy injury, starting a few days ago, Facebook applications now have permission to grab your email address – that is to require that you divulge your email address before you can use their application.


In fact, according to some sources, email may become the only way that some Facebook applications will be able to get information out to their users – rumour has it that the notification window through which Facebook applications could communicate with their users will soon disappear.

So does this mean that:

A) Facebook applications will become more insistant (and devious) about collecting your email address?

B) More and more Facebook users will use fewer and fewer applications?

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Facebook Applications Can Now Require Your Email Address

C) Who cares, because Facebook will change their privacy policy again within a week, and it will be completely different (again)?

D) All of the above.

P.S. A big thank you and credit will go out to the first person to submit a screenshot of a Facebook application pop-up demanding an email address, for us to post here. Send your submissions to info@theinternetpatrol.com.

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Facebook Applications Can Now Require Your Email Address

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  1. “Sign In With Apple” even generates random email addresses for each app you use, to act as an intermediary that prevents outside services from gathering your real email address and using it to connect your activity across sites and apps. This means you can effectively sign in to apps with dozens of partial aliases, and cut them off at any time. Even Federighi seemed surprised by the audience response to this, which was a round of very enthusiastic screams.

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