Employee Caught Red-Handed Outsourcing Own Job to China

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We’ve all had days where we didn’t want to work, but according to Andrew Valentine, a principal for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, a man he calls “Bob” took it to a new level by by outsourcing his own six-figure-salaried job to China for $50,000/year, while he surfed Reddit and looked at cat videos.

Valentine and his team were contacted by the company to assist them in some suspicious activity noted in the logs of employees who log in to the company’s IT system remotely. The team found that someone was using Bob’s log in credentials to access the company system from Shenyang, China.

Upon searching Bob’s computer, Valentine and his team found hundreds of invoices from a third-party contractor in Shenyang, and that is when they realized that Bob was paying the contractor $50,000 a year, from his own salary of several hundred thousand a year, to do his job. He FexEd’d his company log-in key to the contractor in China, which then allowed that contractor to log in under Bob’s credentials each day.

In the mean time, while Bob’s work was being done by the contractor in China, he was still coming to work each day, regularly, sitting at his desk, looking at his computer, and appearing to work. What was he really doing during that time? According to Valentine, who searched his Web browsing history, Bob typically clocked in at 9am, at which point he spent several hours on Reddit and watching videos of cats. After taking lunch, he’d spend some time on eBay, and make updates to Facebook and Linkedin. By the end of the day he would email an update to his management team, and clock out by 5pm.

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Employee Caught Red-Handed Outsourcing Own Job to China

And the good work by the contractor in China did not go unrecognized by Bob’s management team, even if they thought it was actually Bob’s work. Bob received glowing performance reviews, and was considered the best coder that the company employed. Said a representative of the security team, “His code was clean, well written, and submitted in a timely fashion. Quarter after quarter, his performance review noted him as the best developer in the building.”


Of course this scheme was a huge data breach to the company and the employee was terminated for violating company policy, but Valentine says it was still a clever scheme. Although he did note that, if the employee wanted to go about it a bit smarter, he would have set up a home server for the consultant in China to access so that Bob could proxy the consultant’s traffic and make it appear as though the traffic was coming from his house, rather than China. But he still gives Bob kudos for the effort.

And somewhere in China is a consultant who may now be realizing that he or she is being vastly underpaid.


And, who we’d like to know how to contact, as we have some coding that we need done here.

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Employee Caught Red-Handed Outsourcing Own Job to China

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