How Can I Delete Email without Opening or “Reading” It on a Mac?

There are many reasons for wanting to be able to delete an email without opening it; for example, you may suspect that it contains malware and don’t want to have spyware installed on your computer. But one of the most common reasons that someone would want to know how to delete email without opening it or “reading” it on a Mac is because you don’t want whomever sent it to you to know that you opened it or read it.

How Come Email Messages I Delete Aren’t in the Trash in Mac Mail?

If you use Apple’s Mac mail app, occasionally you may find that your deleted email is not going to the trash folder (i.e. don’t go in the ‘trash mailbox’ as Apple calls it). Or you do an email-wide search, and while your trash is included in your search, it’s not turning up that email that you know you just deleted. Here’s one reason that deleted mail messages may not be in your trash folder in Mac mail.

How to Find Your Email Files on a Mac or Macbook

If you are trying to find your mail files on your Mac or Macbook, and wondering “Where are the mail files on a Mac”, and maybe even feeling a little bit dumb because you can’t find your mail files, well, that’s because in later versions of OS X, mail files are hidden! Apparently you’re not supposed to find your mail files on your Macbook or Mac! But we are going to tell you where your mail files are hidden because, well, that’s just how we roll.

Fixing the Dreaded iPhone Gmail “Cannot Get Mail” Error Issue

“The mail server “” is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings.” If you suddenly find yourself getting that “Cannot Get Mail” message from the email app on your iPhone, it can be very frustrating. You know that your iPhone mail app worked just moments ago – and you haven’t changed your settings – yet suddenly it seems your settings are being rejected. Here’s what to do.

Hangers Cleaners Outdoes Self with “Wedding Dress for Next Time” Email Ad

Hangers Cleaners of Kansas City, known among its legions of customers-turned-fans for its quirky advertising and corporate sense of humor, has really outdone itself this time. “Have your wedding dress cleaned & preserved so it’s ready for you to wear next time,” says the email marketing campaign. Inevitably, customers do a double-take at that last bit. The next time? Is Hangers Cleaners that cynical? That pragmatic? No, they are that business savvy, while not taking themselves too seriously.