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Navigating the Cyber Seas: Unmasking and Dodging the Latest Email Phishing Scams Like a Seasoned Mariner!

Ahoy, digital sailors! Today, we’re embarking on a thrilling voyage to navigate the treacherous waters of the internet. Our mission? To help you, our dear readers, spot and avoid the latest phishing scams that are swimming around in your email inbox, just waiting to take a bite out of your…

Block a Domain That Keeps Emailing You with Yahoo's Block Domain Feature
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Block a Domain That Keeps Emailing You with Yahoo’s ‘Block Domain’ Feature

Did you know that Yahoo email lets you block entire email domains? What is a block when it comes to domains? It means that no email from that domain will be able to get through to you, period. Not to even your spam folder, let alone your inbox. Don’t want to hear from that politician who put you on their mailing list and from which you have tried to unsubscribe a dozen or more times? Block their domain! Sure that you unsubscribed from that company’s emails and yet they keep emailing you, and from different email addresses? Block their domain and never hear from them again! As Yahoo explains it, “Once you block a domain you will also be unsubscribed from the brand.”

Why Is My Email Going to Spam or Disappearing in Hotmail, Outlook and MS Live? This May Be Why Frustration Frustrated in Front of Computer
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Why Is My Email Going to Spam or Disappearing in Hotmail, Outlook and MS Live? This May Be Why

If you are wondering why your email is going to spam, or not arriving at all, in Hotmail, Outlook or Microsoft Live, whether you mean the email you are receiving in your Hotmail or Outlook account, or the email that you are sending to Hotmail or Outlook, this may be why, especially if it just started happening.

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Google Paying $29.5 Million To Settle Lawsuits Over User Location Tracking

Google has agreed to pay a total of $29.5 million to settle two lawsuits regarding the company’s geographic tracking of their users.

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How and Why Should the Average Person Use Protonmail?

If you’re reading this article, I’m sure there’s a reason. Maybe you are wondering why you should use encrypted email, or maybe it’s something else.

Hackers Target WHO Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic
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Internet Crime Gang Stealing Reward Points and Gift Cards Out of Email Inboxes

Talk about cherry picking! An international Internet crime gang is gaining access to as many as 100,000 compromised email inboxes a day, and all they are doing is searching for and stealing digital gift cards and rewards points.

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How to Have Your Email Address and Other Personal Data Removed from Square in 2021

It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to remove your email address from Square, especially if you never gave it to them in the first place, and you are trying to invoke a ‘right to be forgotten’.

How to Send Yourself an Email Reminder at a Future Date
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How to Send Yourself an Email Reminder at a Future Date

Send yourself an email reminder or have an email from someone else re-sent to you at a future time and date! It works with any mail program!

Google Photos ending unlimited storage
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With Google Photos Ending Unlimited Storage, Here Is How to Check How Much Space You Have Left

If you are a user of Google Photos, then by now you probably know that Google Photos’ unlimited storage is ending in June 2021 (approximately six months from now). This will end the sweet era of unlimited storage most Google Photos users were accustomed to. As of the 1st of…

Internet deception: why is it so easy to lie online and how you can detect it
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Internet Deception: Why It’s So Easy and How to Detect It

In January 2013, Deadspin, a sports blog owned by Will Leitch, exposed an Internet dating hoax that shocked the world. Manti Malietau Louis Teʻo, an American footballer had consistently held that he was in a relationship with a woman he met online known as Lennay Kekua. In the exposé, Deadspin…

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How To Get Into Your Email When You Have Lost Access to the Recovery Codes

While multi-factor authentication is a great method of preventing unauthorized access to your account, there’s one major catch that can really, really screw up your day: losing the factor that allows you to access your account.

Google Chrome has useful features waiting to be discovered
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The Pros and Cons of Using the Chrome Password Manager

When you use Google Chrome and enter a password on a site that requires you to sign up or sign in, you normally get a notification asking you to choose to save the password or not. That, right there, is Google Password Manager, commonly known as Chrome Password Manager, sending…

You can easily set up or change Gmail signature
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How to Set up or Change Your Gmail Signature

Gmail is one of the top free email services used by individuals and businesses around the world. Since the email service was launched in 2004, Gmail has risen to become one of the company’s most revolutionary successes of all time. The email service has many great features that earn it…

How to Sign and Send PDF Documents
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How to Sign and Send PDF Documents on an Android Device

In the past, signing a PDF document was pretty annoying and tedious. Normally, you would start by downloading the document, printing it, signing, and scanning it before emailing it back to the sender. Then technology happened and with it came various apps making it possible to sign PDF documents electronically….

Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your Android or iOS Device
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5 Practical Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your Android or iOS Device

In today’s hustle and bustle, it is not uncommon to have your hands so full that you hardly have time to sit down at your computer and get things done. This is where having some practical apps installed on your smartphone comes in handy, as you can accomplish a lot…