WARNING: Having Email Display Sender’s Contact Image and Info Helps Scammers Get in Through the Cracks

Every webmail service out there, be it Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other, encourages you to upload or merge your contacts with their system. And most Mac and PC email programs automatically cross-reference an incoming email sender with their entry in your contacts. The result is often that their contact profile picture, and ‘friendly’ name, is displayed as the sender of that email in your inbox.

How to Change or Get Rid of the Quote Attribution Line in the Mac’s Mail.app Mail Program – Updated for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Too!

If you are anything like me, you quickly got tired of having to delete the “On such-and-such a date, so-and-so wrote:” attribution quote line every ..single ..time ..you replied to an email in Mac’s native mail program, Mail.app. Oddly, given how friendly the Mac generally is, there is no way to alter, customize, edit, or remove that infernal line through preferences. Or, really, through any other obvious way. Here’s how to change it. Here is how to fix it for all versions, including the change for 10.8 Mountain Lion!

Verizon Gets Rid of Email – Sends Verizon Email Users to AOL

If you use Verizon for your email, receiving email at or sending it from a verizon.net email address, have we got some news for you: Verizon is retiring their email service. This means you have two options: switching to a new system entirely and losing your @verizon.net email address, or switching to AOL (where you will still be able to send/receive using your Verizon email address).

Putting a Fake Email Address on a Form is a Bad Idea – Here’s What to do Instead

We recently ran into the following situation: a sales person was helping a customer order something online. The sales person was filling out the online information, and when it got to “Email address”, instead of asking the customer for their email address, they put “na@gmail.com”, ‘na’ for ‘not applicable’ or ‘not available’. This is a very bad idea.

California State Bar Warns of Fraudulent Email

The State Bar of California has issued an alert warning of a fraudulent complaint email being sent in their name. In an emailed statement this morning (June 8, 2016), the California State Bar said that it had received numerous inquiries about the email that supposedly had come from them, going out to members of the California bar.

Facebook Shuts Down All Facebook Hosted Email and Email Forwarding

Back in 2014 Facebook announced that it was discontinuing the Facebook email service (where people could email you at your_username@facebook.com). That’s because it wasn’t very popular. But just in case you were one of the handful of people who used your @facebook.com email address, they kept a forwarding service on so that your Facebook email address would still forward to your address of record at Facebook. However, now Facebook has finally completely shut down the email service, including email forwarding.

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Email Privacy Act

For more than four years we have been telling you that law enforcement can get to any electronic communications you have stored for more than 180 days in the cloud (and that ‘cloud’ is just a fancy word for “somebody else’s computer”). This is because the Electronics Communication Privacy Act (ECPA) only requires a subpoena in order for a governmental agency to get at those communications records that you have stored on that third-party server – they do not need a warrant.