Email from Kohl’s is Actually Spam Phishing Expedition

kohls phishing spam
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A spam run that appears to be from Kohl’s department store went out this week, advising of a special delivery order from Kohl’s, leading people to believe that an order was placed in their name.

The email exhorts people to click on the link that says “Please confirm the order is correct”, and another link that says “Print and bring it in” (yeah, it doesn’t make sense).

The links all actually go to a domain called “”, which was registered..wait for it… today! (August 31, 2016).

But wait, it gets better.

Here’s what the email looks like:

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kohls spam

See that big empty grey box?

It’s actually hiding a huge bunch of nonsense text, which is intended to trip up spam filters. Here’s the reveal:

Special Order #15270856

We appreciate it, thanks
Please confirm the order is correct

This is good through the rest of the week – Print and bring it in

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Here’s where the link actually goes:

kohls spam

As always, before you click on any links in an email (especially one that is unexpected) hover over the links to see where they actually go. And if it appears to be from a company with which you have an account, go to their website and log in to your account, don’t click on the links.

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10 thoughts on “Email from Kohl’s is Actually Spam Phishing Expedition

  1. I received ab email from Kohl’s saying I won a set of knives, and asking me to take a survey. This is a scam.

  2. How do I send Spam or fraud emails to Kohl’s for investigation and possible prosecution?

  3. Definitely all related to the EXPERIAN data breach. I get this for a few of my creditors, including Kohls. The website has a “t” or “e” somewhere hidden, posing as a legitimate Kohls or other site/email address.

    Should sue Experian!
    I never gave Experian the right to pool all my personal data!!!

  4. Would also be helpful to publish Kohl’s email address for reporting this fake Kohl’s spam. Their website is woefully lacking with that info. Or maybe they just don’t care.

  5. OK
    but now, what is the way to stop this
    They have no mail nor web site
    Do you know a way ? Thanks

  6. Yep, kohls and amazon spam email all from fake address in Chicago. I finally reported to ftc.

  7. make a filter for .loan the domain that the spammers are right now using. that has sent 95% of the spam mail right into the trash bin where we simply hit empty file
    this has stopped nearly 300 a day that read kohls. amazon, cvs, right aid,walmart and more in the phishing email.

  8. Ed. Note: Louis, the problem is that the ways that spammers get past your filter is always changing – even from day to day. So whatever advice we give today will be useless tomorrow; the advice that we gave yesterday is useless today. That’s one reason that it is so important to tag things as spam as they evade your filter and end up in your inbox – so that your ISP and spam filter can evolve their metrics in order to catch the spam. When we get spam, we go the extra mile and post it so that at least if people search for it they can have it confirmed that it is a scam.

  9. This is just ONE of dozens of such scams. I’ve not received one of THESE but have received thousands of others.
    They bypass spam filters. Your article would be more of a help if you told us how to filter these out and redirect them to the trash folder.
    Otherwise it is just old news. :(

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