eBay Drops Plans to Allow Sales of Live Pets

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If you were looking forward to buying your next pet on eBay (and shame on you if you were!), you’re in for a disappointment, as auction giant eBay has announced that they will not follow through with plans to allow people to sell live pets on eBay.

eBay had previously had a long-standing ban on the sale of live animals through the eBay auction service (except, it seems, fish and snails), however last week they announced that they were considering lifting the ban, due primarily to their notice of the robust trade in pet supplies.

Almost as soon as the announcement was made, however, angry and concerned letters started pouring in, with more than 2000 letters of outrage at the point that eBay changed its mind.

Said eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy, “The feedback was pretty overwhelming. Farms and for-profit commercial breeders wasn’t something that they wanted to see [on eBay].”

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