Is Your Dyson Air Purifier Still Showing “F” After You Replace the Filter? Here’s How to Reset the Dyson Air Filter After You Change the Filter

Does Your Dyson Air Purifier Still Show "F" After You Change the Filter? Here's How to Reset the Dyson Air Filter After Changing the Filter
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If you have a Dyson Air Purifier, and have just replaced the filter after being told by the flashing “F” display that you need to change the filter, you may be frustrated to find that the “F” is still yelling at you after you have already changed the filter! If your Dyson air filter is still displaying the “F” after you replace the filter and put a new filter in there, and you’re banging your head against the wall wondering “How do I reset my Dyson F filter warning?”, we may be able to help you (so stop banging your head against the wall, because you’ll only hurt your head, and annoy the wall).

Here’s the thing: These are expensive machines. And the replacement filters aren’t cheap either (although we have found an after-market replacement Dyson filter that does a good job at a reasonable price). When you shell out hundreds of dollars for an air purifier, and 10s of dollars for each replacement filter, you expect it to just work. And when you see that flashing F you dutifully change the filter, and having changed the filter you reasonably expect that F to go away. So when that F continues to scream at you after you’ve already changed the damn (expensive) filter in the stupid (expensive) air purifier suddenly you are thrown back to high school, or grade school, and now F doesn’t stand for “filter”, it stands for “fail”.

And you wonder to yourself “How could I possibly have (another F word) this up?? It’s simple and straight forward, there’s only one way that new filter can go in, is the filter defective? Is the air purifier defective? Am *I* defective??”

Then you wonder if maybe it has to do with your Dyson having to be on the wifi network (it doesn’t) and if maybe the act of opening it and changing the filter somehow reset the connection (it didn’t) and so you need to disconnect and reconnect your air purifier to the network (you don’t).

Perhaps at this point you seem to recall something about having to hold down the button on the unit for 5 seconds to reset it, or something like that. So you try that. And it doesn’t work. But guess what! You were on the right track! But not quite there.

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Here’s the secret.

How to Reset Your Dyson Air Purifier to Get Rid of the Flashing F After Changing the Air Filter

First, grab the remote control that came with your Dyson. Ah yes, and you thought it was just for turning the unit on and off, making it oscillate, and adjusting the power of the airflow. Well, it’s also the key to resetting the unit and getting rid of that infernal flashing F (so don’t lose that remote!)

Make sure that your air purifier is turned on.


Now press and hold the ‘standby ON/OFF’ button on the remote (we now call this the “EffBegone” button) for 6 seconds.

Doing this tells your unit that it has a new filter in it and to reset and get rid of that F.

We hope this was helpful, although really we think that when you spend that much on an air purifier you shouldn’t have to resort to an Internet search to figure out how to turn off the “change filter” nag once you’ve changed the filter.

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