Do You Have Web Rage?

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  • Do You Have Web Rage?

Do you have web rage? A new survey has found that disappointed online shoppers are experiencing “web rage”, and are rejecting web merchants and turning back to in-person shopping.

“Web rage is a burgeoning online phenomenon. With less than half of online shoppers prepared to give their favorite Web site more than two chances to get it right, the message is that online shoppers are showing zero tolerance to poor performance,” explained Deri Jones, of SciVisum, which spearheaded the survey.

According to the survey, nearly 80% of all online shoppers surveyed stated that their frustration with poor web site performance had lead them to turn off their computers!

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Do You Have Web Rage?

More than half said that the inability to call someone associated with the site on the telephone was the #1 web rage inducer.

What’s more, fully one-third said that they would give even their favourite web site a second chance – just. Two strikes, and you’re out.


And each of the following ecommerce transgressions elicted web rage in at least 40% of all of the online shoppers surveyed: web sites crashing during a transaction, complicated usability and complicated registration processes, the inability to find information, and the inability to amend orders.

So, what’s the lesson here?

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Do You Have Web Rage?

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  • Do You Have Web Rage?

2 Replies to “Do You Have Web Rage?”

  1. On 8/15/2007, I ordered a Bunn Coffee maker from CHEFS Corner, It’s now 9/9/2007 and all I have gotten thus far is promises. Two e-mails stating the item expected to reach our warehouse by 8/28 and then another one this week stating the item is now expected to reach our warehouse by 9/12. This is not good business and my advice is not to shop at CHEFS Corner unless they want a big headache!
    Totally Pissed Off,
    Sandra O’Neill

  2. Internet shopping sites I avoid:

    1. Sites that require you to enter all personal information at checkout before revealing shipping costs. No second chance for this!

    2. Sites which do not provide a search dialogue to find the item of interest, but require you to divine how to drill down through a structure that made sense only to the programmer.

    3. Sites which fail to provide relevant information about their products (e.g., what size batteries does it use?) and then do not respond to e-mail queries or provide a toll-free information number staffed by a qualified English-speaking person.

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