Craigslist Images Hosed

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Starting some time early this morning, it appears that all images hosted by Craigslist went missing. Moreover, it seems that the problem is not localized, but happening all over the United States. The problem is that the server which Craigslist uses to host its images – – is unreachable.

While Craigslist ads are still available, the pictures associated with the ads are not loading. Not only is this causing frustration for potential buyers, but it is also causing problems for sellers, who are being contacted by irate buyers blaming them for ‘claiming to include pictures when they haven’t.’

The problem appears to be with the Internet provider used to host the location. A traceroute to shows that the path breaks just past Internet provider Internap’s domain.

No word at this time on when they expect Craigslist images to be back up. But in the meantime, if you are browsing Craigslist, don’t blame the sellers if there are no pictures in their ads.

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3 thoughts on “Craigslist Images Hosed

  1. I have not had pics for several days not. I noticed I could get pics that said img. Then I found out those are hosted off CL Site. I too thought it was my new vista. Now I see the problem is on CL stie.

  2. Man I thought it was something with my nice Vista machine. I hope they fix it soon. I noticed the problem Thursday the 24th. I was using firefox. I tried explorer and that seemed to work until today. Now neither will display images.

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