Convict Banned from Accessing Internet

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Jeffrey Johnson may well consider this a fate worse than their locking him up and throwing away the key.

I mean, which would you rather face: a life of freedom with no Internet, or life in the slammer with free Internet access.

Of course, Johnson didn’t get to make that choice. He got both locked up, and no Internet.


Moreover, the ban on his Internet access can extend to any future job severely limiting his employment opportunities.

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Of course, one may still feel that he got off lightly, considering that Johnson’s crimes included not only trafficking in child pornography, but engaging in lewd acts with minors, whom he had met and enticed online.

In upholding the ban, the Court took into account evidence that Johnson, who is presently on probation, was likely to relapse into the online behaviour which got him (and his victims) into trouble in the first place.

In an interesting, although somewhat unrelated (so why was it in there?) footnote in the case, the Judge opined that wanting to have a purely physical relationship – with another adult – of the opposite sex, even – was not ‘normal’.


Obviously the Judge didn’t grow up during the 60s.

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