Control Your Roomba with a Nintendo Wii Remote – Video Takes the Internet by Storm

We’ve talked about the Roomba, and we’ve talked about the Nintendo Wii, but even I never thought that we’d be talking about the Roomba and the Wii in the same article!

But here we are, with one of the cooler Roomba hacks I’ve seen, and an Internet video so that everyone can see it!

A gentleman named Chris Hughes has created a video of how to control your Roomba vacuum with your Nintendo Wii remote control, and the video is taking the Internet by storm. Oh, and if you want to try this Roomba hack at home, Chris has also provided the source code!

The video itself has already taken on a life of its own; the version hosted at YouTube alone has already been viewed over 100,000 times, and it only went up on Christmas eve.

In the video, Chris Hughes demonstrates how, with the Wii remote, one can make the Roomba go forwards and backwards, and even spin in circles, on command.

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Yeah, you can do many of the same things with the separate Roomba remote that you can buy, but that’s not as fun, is it?


If you want to see the video of the Roomba plus Wii combo in action, you can see see it here.

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