Cloudmark: Still One of the Best Anti-Spam Products for Windows Users

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There are so many anti-spam products out there for Windows users, how is a person to know which one to choose?

There are products which you install to filter your mail before it ever gets to your email client (the program you use to send and receive email). There are products which integrate into your email client. There are services which filter email before it ever comes to you, and there are even services take the places of your current email address and mail program, replacing everything with their own servers, spam filters, and software.


But of all of the anti-spam products out there which are geared specifically to Windows users, we believe that Cloudmark is one of best, easiest to use, and hey, has the coolest model. And we’re not just saying that because the CEO of Cloudmark, Karl Jacobs, is a Guest Author today, or because he’s a heck of a nice guy.

It’s because it’s true.

The Cloudmark Windows product (it’s called “SafetyBar”, although it used to be called “SpamNet”) works on the “I’ll know it when I see it” principle.

Although there is no one single generally accepted definition of spam, one person’s spam is usually another person’s..well..spam. Building on this, SafetyBar’s customers aren’t just customers – they are ‘reporters’ of spam. Meaning that when they get a piece of email which they deem to be spam, they can tell the system “I consider this spam”. Now, if they are the only one to report that they believe the email to be spam, well, nothing much happens. But if 500,000 people (and that would be fewer than half of the reporters which Cloudmark currently has on board) all report the same piece of email as spam, independently, well, you can be pretty darned sure that it is in fact spam.

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Cloudmark: Still One of the Best Anti-Spam Products for Windows Users

And Cloudmark in fact presently has more than 1,100,000 people in the network who can report spam.

And they put all that spam reporting power to work for you, by tuning their spam filters based on those reports. This means not only that the product is very accurate, but it is also very responsive. As soon as a spammer sends out a spam run, bam! starts getting reported back to Cloudmark central as spam, and gets integrated into their system so that it is kept out of yours.

Pretty cool, eh?

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All of this for just $3.99 a month, or $39.95 a year.

Cloudmark Safetybar works with Outlook and Outlook Express.

To check out Cloudmark Safetybar, or to take advantage of their free thirty-day trial, click

Cloudmark Desktop is the proven solution that automatically fights spam, fraud and all email threats. Free 30-day trial.

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Cloudmark: Still One of the Best Anti-Spam Products for Windows Users

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