Lies When They Say “Classmates Looking for You” Says Lawsuit

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  • Lies When They Say “Classmates Looking for You” Says Lawsuit


How many of us have gotten the same email from “6 Classmates are Looking for You!” – “See Who has Visited your Profile!”

Well, according to a lawsuit brought by Anthony Michaels against Classmates, the online reunion giant is lying.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on October 30th, alleges that after Anthony Michaels registered for a free Classmates account in December of last year, sent Michaels email telling him that “former classmates of his were viewing his profile, leaving messages, and/or trying to contact him through”

Of course, to see who is looking for you or viewing your profile at, you have to upgrade from a free membership to the paid “Gold Membership.”

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However, says the lawsuit, upon logging into the paid Gold Membership, Michaels “discovered that in fact no former classmate of his had tried to contact him or view his profile.”


Further, “Of those users who were characterized, designated and/or identified by [Classmates] as members who viewed [Michaels’] profile, none were former classmates of Plaintiff or persons familiar with or known to Plaintiff for that matter.” (Emphasis ours.)


The lawsuit is positioned to be a class action suit. So, if you have ever found yourself in this same situation with, you may want to contact the attorneys who are handling the case: Brian Kabateck and Richard Kellner, at Kabateck Brown Kellner, 213-217-5000.

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  • Lies When They Say “Classmates Looking for You” Says Lawsuit

5 thoughts on “ Lies When They Say “Classmates Looking for You” Says Lawsuit

  1. I get almost daily emails from years after I read they were sued for sending these types of deceptive emails stating people were viewing my file but in truth were not. has been trying to solicit money under false pretenses.

  2. Only after contacting the BBB did classmates return My money. They acted like They were doing Me a big favor by letting Me have My money back from the last unwanted withdraw from My account. I also had My bank card changed. That way They can no longer get anything from My account.

  3. Paid my membership and now for the past two weeks can not get into my profile or if I click on links from it will not come up. The phone numbers are not real either. How do you cantact any one to talk to a live person or e-mail to get your money back. I also was told that someone was trying to contact me and low and behold nothing came of it. I still getting e-mails of 2 new notes or someone was checking out my profile.

  4. Although we live in an age if lies and hoaxes from the Internet, I’m glad to see this. Classmates has been doing this for years. The anticipation of finding an old classmate is hard to resist. Then as a paid – for the last time – member, they blast me with singles in my area I might want to check out. I think most of what they do is a lie. Even on the Internet there is a limit to how much lying a company can do.

  5. In the socially-interconnected world of today, this kind of lying will blow up a business model. They did the same with me. Thanks, Anne!

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